5 Tips to Help Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Tips to Help Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Ensuring you come away from your wedding with the perfect wedding photos is the aim of many couples and with so many wedding photographers available who all have different styles and price ranges, finding the right wedding photographer for you can be a tricky business.

We’ve put together 5 top tips to ensure you find the perfect wedding photographer to capture those precious moments from your special day.

1. Review Their Portfolios

 This may sound obvious, but your first step is to review the portfolios of any wedding photographer you are considering. Their portfolio will be a reflection of the standard of work you can expect for your own wedding day.

Don’t expect a photographer to do anything different or better than what you are seeing in their portfolio. If you are blown away by the images in their portfolio then this is a great start. If you don’t like the images in their portfolio, move on to somebody else.

Every photographer will have their own style of shooting and editing, so you must find somebody whose work matches a style that you are looking for. Don’t ask a photographer to try and mimic a style from somebody else, this will only end badly and you’ll be disappointed with the final results.

2. Meet Them Personally

 Whether it is via online video chat or in person, make sure you have a face to face chat with a few different photographers whose work you like. You are going to spend an entire day in close contact with your chosen photographer and it’s important you get one with them personally. All human beings have their own personalities, so find somebody whose personality doesn’t clash with your own.

If you are looking for a photographer who is going to get into the thick of it on the dance floor with you, approaching people and asking them to do crazy things for photos, then hiring a shy, quieter personality isn’t the right mix for example.

3. Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Experience 

 When it comes to wedding photography the most important value any photographer can bring to your wedding day is years of experience shooting other weddings.

Professional wedding photographer Paul David Smith told us: “Having shot weddings for over 15 years I rely on that experience to ensure that I capture every moment of a couples day without fail. You cannot redo your wedding photos and you only get one opportunity to capture these shots, so I need to know my camera back to front, inside out and this comes from the experience of having shot hundreds of weddings.”

Make sure you talk to previous wedding clients of a photographer and look at their online reviews for evidence that they have shot many weddings before and their clients have been happy.

4. Don’t Buy Based On Cost

If a wedding photographer is only charging a small amount for their services they are doing so for a reason. They won’t have shot many weddings before so they will be desperate for the work to build up their own portfolios. This is perfectly OK, so long ad you understand the risks.

Their work isn’t going to be as polished as somebody who has shot many weddings before. They won’t have the experience of having done it all before so the chances are that they might miss or mess up certain shots.

Obviously, you need to find somebody that fits within your budget, however, don’t buy purely based on cost, you need to factor in all the points in this article when making your decision.

5. Ask your Friends & Family

There is no better recommendation for a photographer than a word of mouth recommendation From your friends and family. Ask around and find out what photographers they used for their own weddings, that way you can get an honest assessment of what the photographer was like, the quality of their work and whether they think they would be a good fit for yourself.

With these tips to guide you, finding the right wedding photographer for your wedding should be a much easier task. Take your time and enjoy the process, you’ll meet lots of creative people who are all excellent at what they do, it is just a case of ensuring their skills and personality are what you are looking for.

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