Old school wedding rules that you can break

Wedding traditions revolve around cultural roots, ancestry, and religious beliefs. It is good to respect them but honestly, some wedding rules are meant to be broken. Here are some of the wedding rules that do not hold up anymore, which means you can easily go about breaking them.

Weddings must take place on Saturdays


This wedding rule was probably set keeping in mind the convenience factor, as people can party late into the night and can get a good sleep on a holiday (Sunday) next day. If convenience is not the only factor that you consider, you must break this rule right away. A many wedding venues and vendors offer varied discounts to those who get married on a day other than Saturday.

Leave for honeymoon right after the wedding

Vintage Wedding Car Decorated with Flowers.

Weddings are fun and they are certainly exhausting as well. Following the set wedding rule of leaving for honeymoon right after the wedding leaves one all the more tired. There is no point of such a honeymoon trip, for they are supposed to be amazing and relaxing getaways. Therefore, feel free to break this rule. Take your time and set out for the trip when you feel you both are in a position to derive maximum pleasure out of your honeymoon.

Ditch the traditional ceremony seating


Bride’s family sitting on the left and that of the groom’s on the right is an age-old tradition, which you must get away with. When marriage implies coming together of two families and mixing of two sides, then what is up with this seating arrangement that exhibits a sort of division?

Not sleeping together the night before

Couple Sleeping Together

Times have changed and so have people. Following a wedding rule that prohibits a couple’s sleeping together a night before their big day sounds illogical. Especially, it is strange for those who have been living together for years. Therefore, chuck this wedding rule and do whatever makes you comfortable. Getting up together in the morning and telling each other – “it’s our wedding today”, is one of the sweetest experiences.

Parents of the bride pay the bill

American 100 U.S. dollars

Gone are the days when people followed this wedding rule. Today, both bride and the groom are independent and most of the wedding funds come out of their pockets. As far as the help is concerned, parents of both the sides do the contribution.

There are a lot of traditions when it comes to weddings. However, with the passage of time, many of the traditions have become old and meaningless. They are no more than set wedding rules that are fine to break.

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