Silver Bridesmaid Dresses: 10 Most Beautiful

Silver is an energetic color and generally symbolic of richness. Bridesmaid dresses in silver are fast catching pace and the designers are consistently making efforts to innovate with the color. The bride is sure to grab maximum attention for the wedding, but if you want to grab all the remaining attention, then chose be different with a silver bridesmaid dress this season. Given below is a list of 10 best silver bridesmaid dresses, take a look and explore more.

1. Silver Cocktail Prom Short Bridesmaid Dress
BRAND : Jojo
PRICE : USD 304.27

Short, sweet and silver, this dress is high on fashion and style. It reveals a deep V- neck and puffed up short sleeves with many flares. The bodice is adorned with three parallel bands of silver and black embroidery done in tiny stones. Down below the bodice, the dress has is gathered into many slanting pleats. The V- neck of the dress crosses at the back.


The vintage design of the dress blended with a tinge of modernity is what sets it apart from so many other dresses. The puffed up organdy sleeves too are not a common site.

The dress will be custom fitted according to your body size and it will bring out the best in you.
Fully lined from inside, the dress will feel great against the skin despite the coarse surface.
The dress is so designed that it will hide all your bulky areas and reveals only the best parts.

2. After Six, long Silver Bridesmaid Dress (6624)
BRAND : Dessy

Sensuality and a halter neck almost go hand in hand. This long silver halter dress is crafted from stretchable charmeuse. The dress reveals a rouched inset midriff and embodies a natural waist. The bodice has a nice and neatly pleated sash, which is very broad and covers the entire abdomen almost, fitting nicely and sleekly over the waist. The halter straps of the dress meet at the back where the straight neckline ends.


An astoundingly simple and mesmerizing dress that complements and embodies the innocence and delicacy of the feminine spirit and you are sure to fall in love with it.

The dress has a perfect fit and will be further customized to your body size if required
The super soft satin of dress pampers your skin and you won’t be willing to take to dress off.

3. Sequin Satin pleated bow tie dress
PRICE : USD 154.99

Dazzle the dance floor with this ravishing silver bridesmaid dress. The dress features a hi-lo hemline and a slight sweetheart neckline. The bodice of the dress has been lightly padded along with a slight boned corset for a better fit. A pleated satin sash at the empire waist has a nice black front bow and a rhinestone rectangle buckle detail. The dress has a solid color slip which is lined with a mesh overlay and looks gorgeous.


Silver, Shiny and glamorous, this dress is very sensual. Make a sparkling statement and shine throughout the wedding day with this bridesmaid dress.

The dress has a hidden back zipper and also a hook closure for the extra safety and comfort.
You will also get a black chiffon scarf with the dress

4. Satin and Chiffon Long Formal bridesmaid dress
BRAND : PacificPlex
PRICE : USD 79.99

To flaunt your perfect figure you also need a perfect dress. It will get even better if it is in shimmering silver. The overall chiffon overlay of the dress and the lightly padded bust give it firmness and poise. The short chiffon bodice of the dress ends in a satin skirt that is pleated from the front and these pleats are held together by a crystal pin.


This gorgeous dress is very feminine and harmonious, its grandeur looks are bound to captivate you.

Suitable not only as bridesmaid dress, you can also wear it for other occasions including your prom night.
The dress is fully lined form inside and will keep your comfortable throughout the event.

5. Silver grey full length dress with 3 quarter sleeves
BRAND : Bonny
PRICE : USD 111.99

The first thing you will notice about this dress is that the backside of dress is as beautiful as the front façade. This is a very uncommon feature and very rare to find. Also the dress has 3 quarter sleeves and an off the shoulder neckline which further beautifies the dress. The iridescent taffeta fabric has been very neatly stitched into an A-line silhouette with an inverted Basque waistline.


Purely feminine and princely, this dress is one of its kinds with a design not so easy to replicate.

A rare dress whose back and front are equally alluring, it will surely make all eyes turn at you.
Available in a plethora of colors, you can choose the one that suits you best.
The most intriguing aspect of the dress is the buttoned back, which holds together all the gatherings very neatly.

6. Strapless, Full length Silver dress (style 4050)
BRAND : Alexia

The Alexia bridesmaid, full length dress has a Grecian design and looks marvelous. The ice silver satin dress has a pleated bust and is accented with a very smart and contrasting black band adorned with rhinestones on the center. The skirt down below flows gently and has one single, broad pleat gathered at the center.


The Grecian style dress with a mermaid silhouette looks really beautiful and enticing. It will surely enhance your feminine appeal.

The dress can be worn by women of any age and it will suit them all.
The design and fabric of the dress is such that it will make you look slimmer
Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose the one that suits your taste the best.

7. Strapless, short Silver dress (style 711208)
BRAND : Forever Yours Bridesmaid Dresses

Forever Yours Bridesmaid Dress has been specially designed for the coming fall of 2011. Creating a unique dress, with a fresh design is not an easy task, but with this Chiffon dress you will look different and ravish any event you wear it for. The short dress has different directional gatherings that demark the various parts of it. The bodice has vertical gatherings and the shirred skirt down below has horizontal gatherings. There is a small slit at the back side of the dress, for the extra comfort so that the tight fit does not bother you much.


The self accentuating design of the dress sets it apart from the very common A-line silhouette dresses. Although the outside of the dress looks a bit coarse, the fully lined inside will feel great against your skin.

The skin fitted dress has been incorporated with a small slit at the back so that you can walk around comfortably.
Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose the one that suits you best
Although the outside of the dress looks a bit coarse, the fully lined inside will feel great against your skin.

8. Bari Jay Silver black, one-shoulder dress
BRAND : Bari Jay
PRICE : USD 193.8

Not purely silver and not purely black, this dress has a unique appeal. It has a starlet taffeta shirred bodice. The one shoulder is beautifully crafted with gathered fabric. There is a nice satin band that encircles the bodice and is embroidered with chunky stone details. The full length skirt of the dress cascades down gracefully till its hem. The skirt has a few pleats that give it a nice flare and are held together by the band at the bodice.


The grace and poise of the dress along with the Greek goddess appeal makes it admirable. You will love every detail of the dress including the color, finish and design.

The dress is also available in a maternity version along with a wide range of sizes
A wide color choice in the same design is also available, just in case the silver black does not match your taste

9. Silver Strapless satin bubble dress
PRICE : USD 62.99

The attention grabber bridesmaid is most likely to dress differently and adorably. If you are among such brides, do try this amazingly cute satin dress that has a bonded bodice and a hem that hits at mid-thigh. The drop waist of the dress is nicely layered and has a flattering poufy skirt. The top layer of the skirt is accented with a matching crystal pin, which is the only ornate accessory the dress has.


The dress is such that it will make you look like a cute fairy whose come alive from the pages of children’s fable. Doll up and ravish the wedding with this bridesmaid dress

The dress has a back zipper closure and you will surely find it easy to put on.
You will also get a matching satin scarf with this dress.
Available in all sizes, you can chose the one that fits you best and also get it custom fit to further enhance its looks.

10. 50’s Bridesmaids Dress – Silver – Large
BRAND : Girls of Elegance
PRICE : USD 120.09

Plain and flawless, this silver dress cascades down just a little beyond your knees. The cut, the fit and the design are all very simple and elegant. The strapless neck of the dress is plain and the bodice is adorned with a sleek silver narrow belt, with a bow at one side. The A-line silhouette of the dress gives the skirt a nice flare and bounce and compliments well with the plain cut of the dress


A very cute and simple dress, it is both feminine and charming. Bridesmaid looking for a dress not too gaudy but at the same time stylish, must try this adorable silver dress.

The dress has a zipper back, therefore making it easy for you to slide in and out of it comfortably
Super fine stain has been used for the dress and it will feel great against your skin.
The dress can be hand washed with cold water at home.

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