Unique And Interesting Wedding Transportation Tips

A marriage is the best and the most auspicious moment in a couple’s life. It brings completeness and eternal bliss when everything goes right as per the plans. But arranging everything starting from decor to booking of banquets or marriage halls, taking care of guests, the bride’s and groom’s wedding night dresses and wardrobe etc. is not a cake walk. Having said these, there is another big stone to turn, i.e., wedding transportation, which is generally overlooked.

Why need transportation


Getting the entire attendants like family, friends, and relatives to the venue are something that needs one to ponder over.Arranging vehicles or parking them at the wedding or the reception venue and their cost are things to be managed. Imagine the blunder and havoc if the ceremony is followed by a harsh weather and 200 guests struggling over the streets to get a taxi! That would certainly be a nightmare. That is the reason to consider the idea of wedding transportation services.

Book in advance

During the wedding season, there is a lot of hustle in the wedding services. Start early, it would be a good idea to book the transportation service around 2 months prior to the dates. This keeps you safe from the inconvenience of getting a “sorry we are all booked” reply at the eleventh hour. And by booking it means estimation of the number of guests required to be transported, the preferred models of the cars, and definitely the wedded couple’s car to compliment the theme.

The “just Married’ car


Another important note is the dream car- the one in which the groom leaves along with his wife. The center of attraction is that the car must be decorated with ribbons, roses, and glitters to look it great. After all, it is every woman’s dream to go with his man in a wonderfully embellished car.

Plan it out

Besides that, one has to prepare and map the routes from the pickups to the destination, shortcuts in route and traffic jams etc and this requires planning as per the budget accordingly. Whether the drivers are required to wait? Are the out-station guests required to be picked up and dropped off at the railway stations or airports as well?  It is required to answer these questions.

The vehicle

When it comes to cars, it could be pretty challenging to decide the models, size etc of the cars depending on one’s budget. Whether it is the black voguish limousine embedded with sheer class or is it the classic vintage model that will serve the purpose best! Imagine an exotic super sexy sports car for the couple in which they waving at midnight rumbling the accelerators and screaming with pure ecstasy. One can even go for a bus for the attendants of the ceremony. Some adventure seekers even go out-of-the-box by booking an elegant horse cart. How about a beautiful steamer or speed boat departing in which is the newlywed couple blending ardency with the romantic sunset!

Skip the money

Dreaming business woman with cash in hand

One can also consider the idea of skipping transportation expenses simply by selecting a venue that is not far or getting married in the wedding garden of one’s farm house or wedding banquet thereby cutting the budget and spending it in some other part of the plan to make it a memorable wedding.

The transportation of relatives and friends to and from airports or railways becomes as easy as pie with the right services. It is required to plan the wedding transportation idea meticulously to make the wedding a very successful event. One must revise the budgeting and book in advance to avoid inconvenience. 

Transportation is a crucial factor to consider in a wedding to make the travel plan to the destination, i.e., the wedding venue easier for not only the family of the groom and bride but also relatives.

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