5 Wedding Expenses costing more than you Accounted For

Wedding Expenses


Weddings are expensive but some wedding errands can cost you much more than you might’ve expected. In order to orchestrate a brilliant wedding, you need to have an accurate wedding budget. To help you plan a great wedding ceremony, here are 5 wedding expenses with their actual costs. Adding these expenses to your overall wedding budget will help you get the whole wedding thing right.

5 Wedding Costs You Need To Get Right

  1. Beauty & Makeup
    While other beauty procedures can be done your own, you probably don’t want to DIY your own bridal beauty. Bridal beauty is very expensive and takes up a huge part of your wedding budget. Although you can save some money by doing a proper research on all the available options, it will still be pricey. Getting ready for the wedding includes taking care of you complete physique, including hair, face, armpits, legs, etc. Different bridal beauty makeup specialists make use of different elements to get you ready for the big day. Therefore, make sure to know each and every thing that you need to undergo bridal beauty in order to getting ready for the special occasion.
  2. Food
    it is obvious that the complete wedding banquet gets a fair share of the overall wedding budget. Having good food at your wedding is must, especially when you wish your guests to remember your wedding for a fairly long time. To give you an estimate appetizers, bar service, main course, and the dessert can total up to anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the number of guests attending your special day. Nobody wants their guests to say that “The wedding was great. Wish the food had been too!” So, get ready to make some heft expense.
  3. Rentals
    Wedding rentals vary from mere space to including all the furniture and other essential things for the big day. Whether you decide to rent a wedding location with complete arrangement or rent space and things separately, it can easily cost up to well over $1,500. Everything ranging from ceremony seating to specialty rentals can take your budget to the 4 figure. You can reduce the overall cost by cutting down unnecessary items. Two such wedding rental accessories that you can save a few bucks are linens and wine counter. Make sure to not cut down anything from the list that throws your guests out of their comfort zones though.
  4. Vendor Tips
    Vendor Tips
    There are several services ranging from decorations to catering that you hire for the special occasion. Traditionally, you’re ought to tip them for providing their services on the occasion. Whether you give a normal tip or some extra provided an excellent job has been done by them, vendor tips can total up to $1,000. It’s rude to not tip people that help you realize your big day therefore, add the amount to your wedding budget now and plan accordingly.
  5. Wedding Dress
    Wedding Dress
    It does not seem right to get a readymade wedding dress for your big day, right! So, let’s purchase a gown and spend some money on alterations. Well before you do that, you would like to know that average bridge spending money on her wedding dress is $1,200. You didn’t expect that! We neither. In addition to the cost of the dress, it can cost you anywhere between $40 and $500 for making it the perfect-fit for you. This is something that you can’t skip so better double check your wedding budget. You can consult different tailors to get the best work done on the dress. Before deciding which one to choose, make sure to check all the portfolio of the concerned tailor.


A well-planned budget is the secret to a well-organized wedding. So, before you make the final wedding budget ensure to add these markups too.

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