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Russian Wedding Culture


Every nation has wedding traditions and rituals, which are passed from generation to generation. These traditions have arisen not from scratch; instead, they were and still are full of meaning and symbolism. Many traditions have been modified and modernized with the centuries; nevertheless, they still managed to retain their importance and value.

Wedding traditions in Russia are diverse and interesting. Of course, each couple decides on their own how they value these wedding traditions. While some ceremonies delight with their beauty and romance, others impress with originality and practicality.

Let’s look at the most popular wedding traditions in Russia.

Russian Wedding Ceremony
Russian Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony

In Russian weddings, both bride and a groom are married in the church. A priest reads certain prayers asking God to unite the couple and to give them true love for life.

Wedding Ring
Wedding Rings

Wedding rings

When the tradition of exchanging wedding rings did came into existence? As per beliefs, in ancient Egypt, the newlyweds exchanged rings to confirm their unity until death separates them. The Egyptians believed if the ring was worn on the middle finger of the left hand, people could save the spark of love in the soul for the whole life.

Buy-out of a bride

The buy-out of a bride is perhaps the oldest tradition that is still preserved in the Russian wedding. The bridesmaids “torment” a groom by asking him a bunch of questions and riddles. The groom then gives them some money or some delicious things, which they are supposed to hand over to the Russian bride as gift from the groom.

Wedding loaf

Bread has always been especially revered in Russia. And the wedding loaf is some kind of “amulet” for newlyweds. People believe that it can protect them from jinx. Such a wedding loaf is baked only by women who are happily married. Widows, divorced and childless ladies are not allowed to bake the loaf. 

Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

Bride’s bouquet

It is believed that the tradition of throwing a bouquet came to Russia from America, although similar rituals are in practice in Europe as well. But first, a Russian bride gives her wedding flower wreath to her friend who was supposed to marry next, which was later replaced by a tradition of throwing a wreath at the crowd of unmarried girls.

Wedding walk

After all the tense events that the newlyweds and their guests had to endure, they need to relax a little. However, the main purpose of a wedding walk is to create beautiful and unforgettable photos and videos.

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