6 Simple Steps When Writing Your Wedding Vows


Writing personal wedding vows can be exciting yet nerve-racking. It’s not uncommon for people to feel stressed when they think about writing something for their future spouse that’ll be read in front of others. Fortunately, we’re making it easier for you by offering 6 simple steps when writing your wedding vows.

Take a break from researching the best CRM for real estate investors, and let’s get right into how to write your perfect wedding vows. 

1. Reflect On Your Relationship

The first step you want to take when writing your own wedding vows is to spend some time reflecting on your relationship. This doesn’t mean you have to write the vows out in one sitting. Instead, jot down feelings, thoughts, and memories that come to mind when you look back at the times you’ve spent with your partner.

2. Read Other Wedding Vows

It’s always helpful to get inspiration from other wedding vows. After you’ve started jotting down your personal insight into your relationship, look to see what others have had to say in their wedding vows. This step can help you get a feel for how people organize their vows, and it can give you a better idea of how you want to style and format your personal wedding vows.

3. Make it Personal

Your wedding vows should be personal to you and your soon-to-be spouse. At this step, you’ve already written down some of the important details of your relationship and read wedding vows from others. Now, it’s time for you to include personal touches to your wedding vow notes. What sets your relationship apart from others? This can include funny stories or special moments shared by the two of you that made a big impact on how you feel in the relationship.

4. Include Favorite Poems or Lyrics

You’re getting close to finalizing your wedding vows, and now is the perfect time to start incorporating some words from others if you so choose. Spend some time reading love letters or poems and see if any parts of them resonate or match perfectly with how you view your relationship. You could also include parts of song lyrics that are meaningful to your relationship.

5. Tell a Story

One of the last steps to writing your wedding vows is to take everything you’ve gathered to this point and create a story with it. This step seems to be the most challenging for most, but it’s much easier once you have all of your ideas in place. It’s simply putting all those memories, feelings, emotions, and meaningful lyrics or words together in a cohesive matter. If you feel lost when it comes to telling your story, you can always turn to a professional writer to help you.

6. Give Your Intentions

Last but certainly not least, end your vows by giving your intentions, promises, or goals towards the marriage. To this point, you’ve reflected on how you feel about your partner and what you’ve already experienced with them. Now, it’s time to look forward and see what you want and promise to work on to create a bright, happy, and fulfilling future for the two of you.

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