Cool mix n’ match looks that you and your bridesmaids will love

It is important to style your bridesmaids while you get ready for your special day. It is no longer in fashion to match the dresses for everyone. The modern fashion calls for a mix and match of fabrics, colors, and styles. It looks great if every girl looks her best while wearing a dress that suits her. Mixing and matching is also appealing and fun. Check out some of the following mix and match looks if you are interested in going with the latest trends without making it all appear disjointed.

Style rules

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As every bridesmaid has her own skin tone, body shape, hair color, and preferences, it is always nice to style them in separate ways so they feel comfortable in what they wear. You can bring variations in the design, look, fabric, pattern, and length of dresses according to the preferences of your bridesmaids. It will also maintain a variety in the overall style of your group. However, make sure that you are not bringing in vast differences. You may choose a combination of about two factors to be different.

Tips for choosing mix and match dresses for your bridesmaids

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When you choose dresses for bridesmaids, keep a mix of those that look feminine, beautiful, flirty, attractive, and fun. Such mix and match will also let every girl have her own share of attention.

If you are choosing the same dress, select a mix of patterns. You can also create a mix and match of dress materials and work, such as two-tone fabric, crochet, lace, ruffle, or embroidery. Further, look at the chosen dress samples in daylight.

Line up the full-size samples and check the harmony of dresses. Additionally, make the selections yourself and then let your bridesmaids choose out of them. It will be cohesive.

Best color ideas to mix and match

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Ensure to choose a range of colors that goes well as a whole. A great idea is to go with one color and pick up its various tones and shades. It will give a synchronized feel. For instance, you can pick purple as the core color and select its other shades, such as violet, plum, lavender, indigo, and amethyst. You can also go for mixed metallic shades or a combo of whites and greys. Even dusty hues, baby shades, and all whites look superb.

Your wedding palette can be crispier with mix and match yet harmonious dresses for your bridesmaids. Style your bridesmaids according to what looks best on them. There are great options for varying styles, designs, shapes, colors, and tones.

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