Do not let your disability spoil your wedding day


A wedding is a very special occasion and a memory that will last a lifetime. This is the main reason why you need to ensure that everything is in place. A wedding is not about exchanging vows or two families coming together. A wedding is a memory and moment that holds a very special meaning and value. Planning a wedding on its own can be very challenging. However, if the bride or the groom is physically challenged, then it becomes even more essential to plan everything well. Here are a few wedding tips for physically challenged people.

Accessibility and facilities of the venue


While choosing a venue, you need to ensure that the venue is easily accessible. In case the venue does not have a ramp to accommodate a wheelchair/ wheelchairs, then you may have to consider renting one. You can also speak to the authorized decision maker to see if the people handling the venue can arrange the ramp.

While planning a wedding for physically challenged people ensure that the facilities like the rest room should have doors that are big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Most venues have a special rest room for physically challenged people. These bathrooms are equipped to cater to the various needs of physically challenged people. In case one is not available, then you would need to see what options are available for you.

Seating arrangements and space

Without a doubt, the venue should be big enough to accommodate the guests; however, it is also important that it should be big enough to support the free movement of the wheel chair. This would be essential if you also have guests who are on crutches and wheelchairs. You can also arrange for special tables without any chairs to accommodate those who are on wheelchairs.

The space should be large enough to allow free and comfortable movement across the venue. Some other wedding ideas for physically challenged people on this front would include giving them a special space on the side of the venue that is close to the doors. This will ensure that they have an easy access to the restrooms.

Special Parking spots and transportation facilities

Considering the fact that you are planning a wedding that caters to the needs of physically challenged people, it is essential that you allot special parking spots. You can speak to the wedding organizers to have special services for those who are on the wheel chair. This can include a valet service (if your budget allows you) or even keeping of special spots that are closer to the entrance. You also need to ensure that there is a ramp available if there are stairs to the entrance. Another factor that you can consider is to have people assist those on the wheelchair.

If you are planning to arrange for transportation, then you can consider renting specially designed vehicles for physically challenged people. No doubt, their friends or family would assist them, but this will make them feel special. This is one of the best wedding tips for physically challenged people.

Have enough of help available

One of the biggest challenges that come across while planning a wedding for physically challenged people is of ensuring that there is enough of help. People with physical disabilities require someone to assist them for various reasons. This would be the perfect time to give their friends and family members a break from their regular duties. You can have your friends or even hire people (if you can fit this in your budget) to take care of your special guests.

While the list on wedding ideas for physically challenged people can go on, these are some of the most important tips and factors that you would need to keep in mind while planning a wedding.

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