Five Things You Need to Have at Your Wedding

Things You Need to Have at Your Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, there are many things to plan and prepare. You have to book the room, send out save the dates and RSVPs, determine who is coming, decide on catering, and the rest of the many details. Still there are some things you might forget because they’re not the first on your mind. You want your guests to be happy and remember your wedding fondly. It’s your time to shine. You will be able to create a satisfying environment for you and your family. Here are a few things you should include at your wedding to keep everyone content.

1. Food Options

Wedding food These days, people eat quite differently than each other. People have all kinds of bodies that require different diets. Some people don’t eat meat but others eat primarily meat. Some avoid carbs. To make everyone who attends your wedding happy, you should offer a variety of food options. Making different food available to the guests will ensure that everyone attending the wedding is satisfied. Not only should you include multiple main course options, providing different desserts will have people raving about your wedding. While it is more expensive to offer variety, the more options you have the more content people will be.

2. Coffee

A must at any wedding is coffee. You should provide high-quality regular and decaf for your guests who want to enjoy a cup with their dessert or to sober up after a few drinks. Of course variety is nice here too. One thing you should try to get different beans delivered to your house ahead of time is to purchase a coffee subscription. With coffee that ranges from light to medium to dark, having different roasts available will delight and please anyone who wants to enjoy a cup at your wedding.

3. Open Bar

open BarIt may go without saying, but anyone who drinks loves an open bar. While it could lead to some unsavory behavior, the guests will love you. They will remember how great of a time they had at your wedding. When people can grab a glass of wine, a beer, or some predetermined cocktails will loosen the group up and make the reception fun. People will dance and talk and have a great time. If you’re not anti-alcohol, an open bar is a great option for a wedding. It will lubricate the social dynamics and make sure everyone has a good time.

4. A Curated Song List

Another really important thing to have at your wedding is a curated song list. You should plan specific dances and music that you want to hear when you’re getting your first drinks and eating dinner. Taking the time to curate a playlist will be memorable for you and your guests, providing opportunities to create special moments throughout the wedding. What song will you first dance to? What about the father-daughter dance? While it depends on the vibe that you want to produce at your wedding, music is the perfect way to establish a mood and atmosphere.

5. Gift Baskets

Guests love gift basketGuests will love a gift basket. It doesn’t have to be expensive, gift baskets can be filled with cheap things and still make them happy. Even if it’s small, a care package for your guests will make everyone excited to be there. They will remember the wedding because they will have mementos to bring home. Whether you want to go all out and buy each guest a nice gift or simply include an item made to commemorate the wedding, gift baskets are a great way to stand out.

These are just five ideas for things to include at your wedding, but there are many more. You can think about what makes you and your partner unique. What are your personalities like? What will represent you? When you think about what you’d want to have at a wedding, you can view the event through the guests’ perspective. Not only will you be happy because you did what you wanted to do for your wedding, everyone else will enjoy it. Thinking about the wedding day from the perspective of a guest will make the whole process easier. You will get married in style. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your special day.

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