Guide to an astronomy themed wedding

astronomy themed wedding

Star struck by the stars? Then an astronomy or space themed wedding is one for you. The theme is beautiful and evokes the same fascination we feel when we gaze up at the mysterious sky. The starry skies theme is suited for your marriage as the theme is associated with mystery, adventure and destiny – the journey of every marriage. Check out our picks for an astronomy themed wedding for starry eyed lovers.

18 Ideas for astronomy themed wedding 

1. Celestial motifs

Celestial motifsCelestial motifs such as the sun, moon and the planets are fitting at a space or astronomy theme. These motifs can be used for a variety of functions and in the stationery too. The stars and the universe theme make it clear that your wedding was written in your stars.

Consider the blue and gold color scheme, as it denotes the twinkling blue light of the stars reflected from the golden suns. Thestar-studdedlinens, décor and napkins will remind the guests of your theme.

2. Galactic photo backdrop

Place a beautiful galaxy themed standee at the entrance to welcome the guests, and also introduce to them to your theme. They could click photos of them posing in front of the dazzling backdrop.

3. Wedding attire

Star earringsThe wedding gowns for brides with the celestial wedding theme are quite lovely. There are many ways to highlight the theme, including putting on star embellished gowns or star wedding dresses with the stars woven into the fabric. The star-studded gowns look good in any style, modern low cut to traditional dresses. If you want a simple white or neutral gown, you can opt for star embellished veils, shoes or other accessories.

Sparkling neutral shade wedding gowns with plunging neckline and cape would be just perfect. Rhinestone studded veils look gorgeous, as do silver rhinestone hair vines.  Star headpieces, earrings, bracelets can be galaxy themed. Be bold and try out colors such as purple, blues, silver, gold and so on.

For grooms, a navy –gold bowtie would be classy. And for bolder grooms, a galaxy themed wedding suit is the way to go.

The bridesmaids attire could be in navy, gold or silver shades, signifying the astronomy theme.

4. Moon-phase seating cards

The outer space wedding theme has a lot of versatility. You can let your imagination run free while designing the seating cards. One of the ideas is to design seating cards based on the phases of the moon. It’s a unique idea and looks completely in sync with the astronomy theme.

5. Wedding invites

Wedding invitesThere are ideas galore on creating the perfect wedding invites for your astronomy theme. You could print them out in the shades of the universe, such as blue and gold. Purple and gold will look great too. Envelopes could be in bronze and the moon, sun or star themed stationery will give the guests a sneak peek into the theme of your wedding.

6. Sun Moon bride and groom seating

A moon and stars seating arrangement is charming. So is a sun and moon seating which is actually quite simple to do. The signs would be special for the bride and groom conveying the message of their love on the day of their wedding.

7. Sky themed menus

calligraphy artistFor an outer space wedding theme, you can get menu cards printed in beautiful blue and gold. The blue background is a perfect foil for the gold lettering. Hire a calligraphy artist to write the names and other details in gold calligraphy. Your guests would love the hand-written menus.

8. Place card rockets

What could be better than tiny rockets holding the place cards in place? You could vary the design a little to add a little variety. The designs could vary in size too, as you may need bigger sizes to print out the bigger numbers. These special place cards are usually a hit with both kids and adults who are fascinated with space.

9. Space rocket cufflinks


Soyuz and Apollo cufflinksImage Source:

This theme can be implemented from the biggest to the smallest details, such as cufflinks. Soyuz and Apollo cufflinks can be either bought or made to order. Or you could opt for sun and moon design cufflinks which would also reflect your theme.

10. Space rocket themed vase

A transparent glass vase in the shape of a rocket would be amazing to hold the flowers at each table. The vase’s base in the shape of the rocket’s base fins will be balanced enough to hold the weight of the flowers.

11. Constellation dishes

Constellation dishesImage Source:

At each table, a constellation detail dish could be the star of the table setting. Pair this with the sky theme menu to have a cohesive aesthetic at the tables.

12. Astronomy themed wedding décor

The color scheme is wide and varied but rich and luxurious. Purple, gold, navy-gold, midnight blue and purple-gold combinations are the color combinations which can look enthralling. Fill the venue with planets, half-moons, stars and asteroid dust, and anything else that you can imagine, related to the outer space. You could make sky-globe centerpiece replete with shining stars.

13. Starry lights

Starry lightsSelecting the best type of indoor and outdoor lighting is crucial. The moon and stars idea will be fantastic as an idea to light up the venue. There are plenty of star shaped and moon shaped light which can be hung from the marquee or tent. The effect is quite fascinating and pretty. The starry night ceiling looks luxurious or go for beautiful string lights as the backdrop for the wedding.

14. Wedding cake

For the celestial wedding, the cake has to be divine of course. For example, a three-tier cake inspired by the golden sunrays and the blue skies. The cake could be embellished with stars or planets, or clouds. Wedding cakes on this theme can be in bold colors with the planets orbiting around metal rings. The three layers can be orange Madeira, red velvet and lemon sponge. The flavors would be amazing and delicious and maybe some solar powered LED lights would be perfect.

15.Moon macaroons

star macaroonsMacaroons are already shaped like moons and embellished with some dainty stars are too beautiful to be believed. They can be served as mini desserts and the idea will be much appreciated by your guests for sure.

16. Photo booth

The photo booth with metallic large moon and stars will stand out as a backdrop. Have the half-moon as a swing for the unique touch and people will love to have their photos clicked in the phone booth. There could be a Polaroid station as well, where the guests can take funny shots of themselves surrounded by space trivia, astronaut and rocket cut-outs which the people can get into. The Polaroids will be fun memorabilia of your wedding.Children and those who are children at heart would both love the concept.

17. Celestial cocktails

Celestial cocktailsChoose a material like glass for the cocktail menu, embellished with golden stars. The cocktails could be imaginatively named such as ‘Star Dust’ or ‘Moon Dust’.

18. Constellation table setting

The constellation theme looks magnificent and royal. The periwinkle, dark blue, white make a superb combination referencing the celestial theme. Besides, an idea like this gives people something to talk about, helping to break the ice.

The astronomy theme lends itself to a variety of ideas. In fact, as a cherry on top you can even plan a honeymoon to some of the popular stargazing destinations out there.

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