How to Choose Budget-Friendly And Cheap Wedding Invitations?

People plan wedding events on varied budgets. Some weddings can be highly expensive, while some are quite simple and low-budgeted. You may cut down on the décor, event planners, food menu, and drinks as per your budget, but one thing remains constant in all weddings – the wedding invitations. So, if you are planning a low-budget wedding event, here are some tips on choosing cheap wedding invitations.

1. Make a Plan

It is quite easy to go to a wedding card maker and order cards that are the lowest on their brochure. But, will you regret your decision once the cards are printed? Will you still cherish these cards years later? You might want to show your wedding card to your children and grandchildren years later!

Well, in that case, you must know that cheap wedding invitations can be pretty too. You need to make a mock design yourself. Decide on the colour, font, and wordings, and visualise if you would like to keep this card as a keepsake forever. You can also ask for a free or paid sample rather than ordering the entire lot at once.

2. No Frills Please

Minimalistic and simple can be pretty and elegant. There is no need to choose fancy or high-cost paper to print your card. Choose a paper quality that seems fine and also fits your budget. Discuss with your card planner about your budget. They might give you different options that are cheap and budget-friendly.

If you fancy a design with frills or ribbons, remember that card designers would often charge a lot for such fancy paper. If you are really stuck on frills, you can get also do-it-yourself. Frills and paper accessories are available at cheap rates from stores like eBay. Buy frills and then think about adding them yourself to the cards. This will save a lot on your budget and give you the wedding invitation card of your dreams.

3. Skip the Metallic

Metallic decorations, designs, or fonts do add a lot of glam value to your card, but they are costly! Metallic ink is costly and adding this will spike up your budget. If you can, skip the metallic tones and go with simple colours that fit your budget.

You need to analyse and decode the cost of each element of your wedding card with your card designer. Often, they won’t discuss certain elements with you.

4. Go Minimal On The Inserts

It is a trend to add inserts into a wedding invite, each holding different information. RSVPs, names of the guests, event details, etc are all added on different theme-matched inserts these days. But, you can skip this entire extra budgeting affair and choose to go minimal. Add all the details neatly on a single or two sheets of paper to reduce your budget. This way, you can funnel your money into things that are more important.

5. You Can Do Without The Embellishments

Often, cards have a dry-flower arrangement or a fancy sticker, or a paper design on the front of the envelope. More the embellishments, the more the cost.

You can also DIY your embellishments and stick them yourself on the cards printed by professionals. This not only adds a personal touch to your cards but also works on your budget marvellously.

6. Go Digital

You must know that digital cards are not only more economical but also save a lot of time and paper. You don’t have to post these as they are sent online. These do not use paper and hence are environment-friendly. You can even design the cards on your own and make them an absolute free-of-cost affair.

These are some small and yet important details to keep in mind while choosing cheap wedding invitations. It is always a good idea to give your honest budget to the card designer so that they know what exactly you are looking at. They will be able to help you with the best possibilities in your budget. You will also get an idea of what to expect in your limited budget.

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