What jewelry is in this season?

Whether it is decking up for the festivities or hitting a party, this season’s jewelry trends are determined by the resplendent runway fashion, celebrity brouhahas and comfort factor. Pretty shapes and contrasting hues dominate the season, as do funky patterns and bizarre styles.


Emerald jewelry

It’s the color of the year, and has constantly been found to be a dominating style statement in all things stylish. From being etched on clothing to being worn to compliment an outfit, you get to catch this green hued stone everywhere. It is very popular among celebrities and socialites as well.

Highly contrasting

blue jewelry

The shades are still everywhere throughout the runways and joyfully waiting for you to try them on. Be bold and try out reds with blues or pinks with oranges. Get your passion quotient high with scarlet and green going together on your hands and ears and you bet you will grab eyeballs. High contrast is in this season and is here to stay in style for a while.



Bulgari is as of now on pattern with its Serpenti accumulation. Numerous autonomous adornments architects and producers are well on their approach to serving up adapted diamondbacks and chic serpent gems that buyers demand.


Cabochons jewelry

They were copious amid adornments week 2012, and are a welcome sight after years of cuts. Cabochon slices permit devotees to revel in lively shaded gemstones that most likely contain an excess of considerations to feature. In this manner, it makes them somewhat less expensive. Also, they fit consummately with spring’s easy garments, for example, slouchy suits, detached fitting jeans, and denim. One might like to deck up with jewelry but you will soon see that these do not only make you look beautiful and unique. They lend you quite an aura and charm.

Of course, there are many more options and trends that one could try out and see if it works. After all, jewelry is never limited to a season, not for a girl. Go try out those necklaces, bangles, ear-rings, nose rings and whatever else you want and you will feel absolutely wonderful trying out all these things. Only a girl can understand the elation she feels after trying on good jewelry.


Grabbing the latest trends that are doing rounds in the market is what every fashionista would love indulging in. From enigmatic emeralds to Cabochons and Snakes, you get to try them all.

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