Some Suggestions To Employ For Keeping Kids Calm At A Wedding

Weddings are serious affairs and have no place for anything that can create chaos. The bride and groom are jittery enough, without little cherubic angels coming into play and disturbingeveryone. The best thing is to leave your kids at home with a babysitter and tough luck if you didn’t find one.

Being at a wedding means a child whose energy level is much higher than an adult’s, has to sit through the long ceremony.If you don’t come prepared to entertain them, they are sure to be up to all kinds of mischief. So if you don’t want to be tearing your hair out, you better look for ways to keep them calm and engaged.

Tips to keep kids calm


Here are some simple wedding day tips to keep your kids quiet and well-behaved: 

  • Don’t force them to be in a role they don’t want to be

Kids have their own likes and dislikes and much as you would want to see them dressed adorably, as flower girls, for example, don’t force them. If you do, they will make you regret it for sure. Also, it’s unrealistic for a child not to fidget through the ceremony and that’s completely acceptable too.

  • Get them to exhaust their energy before the ceremony


Since kids never, ever sleep on demand, it’s a good idea to let them run around and play as much as they can, for about an hour before the wedding starts. Bring them inside just before, and watch them pass out and sleep through the entire thing!

  • Bribe them

This never fails. Desperate times’ calls for desperate measures and weddings are one of those occasions. Even if you never bribe your child, you can break your rule this one time. A child who starts acting up during the ceremony will definitely stop fidgeting or crying and stay calm, if promised the goodies they love. A week of ice creams in the afternoon is better than being the cynosure of all eyes and weak apologetic smiles from you to the rest of the crowd.

  • Stuff your bag with toys and videogames


Filling your bag to the brim with toys which they like playing with is a good idea. Of course, pick only those which do not make any noise. Anything which will distract them is good, but not bouncy balls or videogames which cannot be muted. The best thing is to buy as many puzzles as you can, and give them one by one. The novelty of the thing will keep them engrossed and let you enjoy the wedding. 

  • Keep them munching

Stuff them with crisps and crackers and treats, so that their mouths are busy munching. It’s a thousand times better than them talking during the ceremony. Weddings are meant to be fun for all and you are supposed to pig out on your favorite food anyway, so why deprive kids of their share.

  • Take them out for a stroll


If nothing works, take your kid / kids out for a stroll. If your child gets into the fussy tantrum mode, you can’t use your usual tactics to keep him / her quiet in public. Its best you leave discreetly, child in tow and sit or walk outside. You can rejoin the celebration after the ceremony is over.

  • Wedding activities to keep kids entertained

If you have invited kids to your wedding, plan a few activities to keep them entertained. A photo booth is a big hit with kids, and make sure to keep it well-stocked with photo props and costumes.

Coloring place mats are a good way to entertain kids while waiting for food. Having a separate area just for children to play in, is fun for the kids. Never underestimate the power of professional entertainment- magicians, fake tattoo artists and so on, as they know best how to distract kids. Hiring a few babysitters to mind the kids is a very good idea. The parents will thank you later!

Keeping kids quiet at occasions like weddings is a challenge for any parent. The best way is to plan in advance and be well prepared to keep them calm while you enjoy the wedding. A little foresight will save the day!

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