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Weddings are an occasion which kind of registers itself in the human psyche, making everyone give his or her very best, both at looks and presentation of oneself. In such a scenario, it is imperative that this statement is nor for only the groom and bride, but for the guests as well. After all, they may not be the ones to tie the knot, but they are expectedly happy about it. Here’s looking at some of the best options when it comes to the ladies. Just because they are not wedding doesn’t mean that they cannot dress well. After all, no day is too routine to not dress up well. It is the season of spring, so obviously in keeping with the mood of the season, you should go for light and colourful prints and patterns. It is a light time, a time of joy and rebirth, it is spring, not winter. Let that come out in your fabric.


The best thing to do is to go well dressed, but not too extravagantly. It is the day of the groom, so you should leave the extravagance to her, you will have your day too, or you already have. The thing to do is wear something which will complement your look, making you look and feel classy but nothing to over the top.

Get into any floral design to enhance the mood of the wedding with your dress. Floral patterns are the hot thing this season, with all the patterns that are in the market due to the abundance of designers and their subsequent designs nowadays. Be it a full length gown, or a knee length frock sort of, floral patterns are the trend. Use it and look good while doing it.

Just because it is not your wedding doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything with lace. Lace, lace and more lace, that is the demand of the season.

The season demands soft colours, if you are to embrace all the new sun and all that reviving energy all around. Soft pastel shades are all the craze, any type of dress in such a colour is just a spelling out of WOW!!!

Of course it is a mood of enjoyment, but if you absolutely feel like it, you can try on something black. Black is a regal colour, a colour for every occasion as such. If you can carry it out, there is nothing like it.


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