Wedding Events

What kind of shower ideas of favors I can go for?

I am planning a shower for my sister. The shower is just three weeks away and everything has been bought and put together already. But I don’t have any idea about how to give unique bridal shower favors. We don’t have a specific theme for the bridal sho

Give me some idea about cheap wedding reception centerpieces?

Hi! I want to have cheap wedding reception centerpiece ideas of grey shades in order to enhance my personality. I want them to go along with the subtle look of my room where the reception is planned to be celebrated with round table. I want a simple idea

How about wedding reception decor with floral fabric ?

I want some floral fabric ideas for my wedding reception decor which can go with the pearl white theme we have decided. The fabric should not be very expensive but should be with all its elegance. The idea can go for faux flowers also but then I will be n

Want to know various wedding shower invitation ideas !!

With our best friend going to settle down with her long time boy friend, we have decided to organize a happening wedding shower for her…We are planning to have the blast at some countryside place near Melbourne, with all of us travelling together by a c

Need designs for rings for engagement.

I need some trendy designs of rings for engagement. I will be purchasing it on behalf of my sister for her beloved and thus want it to be of creative design and one which she would be happy while gifting to her beloved. I don’t mind the cost of the ring b

From where can i get some unique wedding reception ideas?

I need some unique wedding reception ideas in Boston.I will be having a spring wedding with a grand celebration.Can you please guide me with some innovative style and design.I want a bold celebration of it not of boring styles of Victorian or Butterfly th

What are the various wedding shower games ?

Our friend is getting married in a few days and we are planning to have a wedding shower for her.Though we are done with the preparations of it with the invitations and the cake and the decor but are confused with the wedding shower games we should select

Wedding Toasting Flutes

I m looking for some crafted Wedding Toasting Flutes which will look amazing with its crystal gaze and style… I would love one personalised with my and my partners Initial name on it… would prefer a 10 feet tall champagne flute which when we will

centerpiece ideas for wedding receptions ?

Hi ! I want to have cheap centrepieces ideas of grey shades for wedding reception through which my personality of being traditional will be depicted best. I want them to go along with the subtle look of my room where the reception is planned to be celeb

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