Best Themes for a bridal shower

Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower is a pre-wedding event to congratulate the bride-to-be. One of the best way to make it different is by choosing a theme for the party. With some great bridal shower favors and bridal shower invitations, you can have a stylish party.The wishes are often accompanied with gifts that would benefit the couple while they organize their new home. But apart from the invites and a bridal registry, an essential part of bridal shower planning is to decide a bridal shower theme. Here are a few ideas for bridal showers.

1. Basket shower

You can pamper the bride with gift baskets. Each of the guests can be assigned with a theme to fill the basket. The guests can then decorate the basket with the items regarding that particular theme and gift it to the bride. Let’s look at some basket theme ideas:

a. Italian Themed Basket

A pasta strainer can be used instead of the basket. Fill it with items like cheese grater, oil, vinegar, ghee, kitchen towels, cup and saucer sets, flavored olive oils, pasta and things like this.

b. Bathroom Basket

A bathroom waste basket can be used instead of the basket. Fill it with bathroom items like soap, bathroom towels, shampoo, toothbrush, dispenser, hand wash and things like that using the gift registry as a guide.

Like this you can choose several other basket related themes and decorate and fill it with the related items. Some other basket themes are floral arrangement, cookies, utensils, napkins, etc.

2. Linen Shower

You can pamper the bride with linen related gift items. Either choose it from the gift registry or use any of the reasonable items as gift to shower the bride. These can be cotton bed sheets, pillow cover, bath towels that are fluffy, linen freshener, etc. For this shower theme, invitations will suit better. You can cut it in the shape of a bed or pillow and decorate the shower of items with scented cloth, flowers and other decorative articles. Linen showers are considered expensive so you will find almost all of your friends coming to the shower party. Items like bed skirt, duvet cover, table runner and scented drawer liners can also be gifted to friends coming to shower party.

3. Recipe Shower

You can insert a blank recipe card containing instructions on what to do with every given invitation. Each of the guest can be asked to fill it out with one good recipe to be given to the bride. It will be best to have the recipe ideas along with the gifts. Let us look at some examples for gift and recipe:

a. Lasagna recipe: A cheese grater and a lasagna pan.

b. Sugar cookie recipe: Sugar, cookie sheets and oven.

c. Pizza recipe: garlic paste, pizza pan, cutter.

By assigning each of the guests with a different meal category, you can avoid duplicate recipes and gifts. These meal categories can be like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, main dish, soup and so on. All the recipes from guests can be added to the recipe box and can be handed over to the bride. It will be a great collection of recipes and a wonderful start for the bride after marriage.

4. Honeymoon Shower

Get to know the honeymoon destination of the couple, and then choose your theme around it. Give out baskets filled with gifts and invitations favoring the Honey moon trip. Like if the destination is India, and then decorate the basket with Taj Mahal theme. Try to add recipes and gift articles related to Indian culture. Try to mix it with invitations and even the music of that culture, if possible. Honeymoon shower is best for the brides who love to travel and couple’s who are planning to go out after wedding.

5. Kitchen Shower

This is a shower of gifts relating to kitchen items. It can include anything from kitchen towels, toaster, blender, spoon set, knife set, gadgets, dining set, etc. Get guided using the registry. Invitations for this kind of theme is little tough to find, so you can make them for yourselves using your computer. Or paint it with figures like fruits, vegetables and kitchen appliances. You can mix the recipe shower theme with this or can use the same decorations for this shower. You can also discuss and conduct some good games that suits this theme.

6. Lingerie Shower

This is one theme that might cause the bride to blush a bit. But this shower need not include only the lingeries. Other things like bath oils, soaps, hair lotions, music CDs, face wash, bathroom spray can also be included. Decorate the shower with flowers and candles and create a suitable atmosphere. Small bags filled with bath tub bubbles or toys and soaps can be given out as gift. Add this up with some treats like chocolate cakes or black forest cakes for dessert.

7. Around-the-Clock Shower

This is a kind of gift shower that might surprise the bride and leave them awestruck. Assign each of the guest with a particular time of the day and ask them to give gifts to the bride corresponding to that time. Like if it is morning 7am, coffee maker or alarm clock will be a suitable gift; for 12pm, a picnic basket or lunch booking at an expensive restaurant will be good; for 8 pm, movie tickets or dessert cook book will do. Decorate with timing related things like a poster of clock, etc.

8. Afternoon Tea Party

Invite the bride and other friends for a tea party in the afternoon, around 2pm. Serve them with delicious sandwiches, finger chips, cookies, biscuits with butter and jam, and varieties of teas. Decorate the table well with flowers, candles and other possible decorations. Host such a tea party in the outdoor garden if the weather is good. Choose linen or other worthy table covers. May the tea cups be of different design and decorative that adds favor to the party.

9. Stock-the-Bar Shower

This shower would be appropriate for brides who already owns the gifts from above mentioned showers. In this gift shower you can pamper the bride with things like ice bucket, tongs, shot glasses, bar towels, etc. Wine bottles and others of this kind will also be great as gifts. It will be suitable if you give these kinds of gifts during evening times.

10. Patio Shower

This is one another wonderful idea for gift showers. Ask the guests to bring gifts that suits the backyard. Things like utensils, outdoor dinnerware, trays, torches, etc., will be good. You can also make guests form group and give gifts. Such gifts can be fencing or new grill or patio set. Make invitations using fitting things like fabric paint and include menu with cookout foods, such as pizza, burger, sandwiches, salads, etc.

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