Best wedding rings for men

The sentiments attached with a wedding ring are extremely special and need to be valued. Designers have come up with some exclusive designs for the modern men for whom style and sophistication are essential. The simple traditional wedding bands have now taken a back seat and new chic wedding rings are in vogue with the present generation. A wedding band is something people treasure for the rest of their lives, it is thus essential for a wedding band to be perfect. While some prefer to play it safe, there are others who like to experiment and put forth a magnificent style statement. Following are the ten best suited wedding rings for the modern men. Be sure to be bowled over by the charm of these gorgeous rings.

1. Men’s diamond ring
Price: $2,906.95

Men's Diamond Ring

White gold is a hot favorite of today’s men, it spells a class statements and looks very pristine. This 14k White Gold Men’s diamond ring will surely take your breath away. The Men’s Diamond Ring weighs about 18 grams and has a spectacular polished finish which makes it all the more desirable. This is a perfect wedding ring for the modern and classy men of today who do not compromise with style and elegance. The height and width of the ring is 11 mm each and its looks quite sturdy to suit a man’s finger. There is no compromise made on the quality of diamonds used in this ring. Princess shaped I colored diamonds look very appealing and perfectly complement the wedding occasion. The clarity of these diamonds is SI2 whereas the carat weight is around 3.00. This stunning diamond ring is perfectly priced and looks ravishing.

Product USP:

The rock solid design of this ring turns out o be its USP, it looks very stylish and is sturdy enough for daily usage.


  1. The white gold looks subtle yet makes a class statement.
  2. The sturdy looks complement the taste of men.

2. 18kt white gold opal ring

Price: $1,221

18kt white gold opal ring

Break the color monotony by choosing a spectacular 18 kt white gold opal ring. The 7.5 mm wide white gold band looks very simple yet elegant. What adds the dramatic effect is the beautiful opal stone. Opal is a gorgeous and colorful gemstone, it is also the national gemstone of Australia. This ring works perfectly well as a wedding ring because of its exclusiveness and class. One thing to be kept in mind is to size the finger accurately before purchasing an opal inlay ring, as re-sizing it is very difficult as well as expensive. Another feature that needs consideration is that opal is a delicate gemstone which requires a lot of care. Thus, for daily wear this would not be a suitable ring. The soft round band is quite comfortable on the finger and looks very chic. The ring weighs about 8.80 grams. The color of opal stone looks very trendy and thus gives this ring a unique look.


The USP of this ring lies in the opal stone that has been carefully inlaid in the 18kt white gold band.


  1. Opal gemstone looks very beautiful because of its unique blue green color.
  2. The ring has a trendy clean design which makes it a perfect wedding ring.

3. Princess cut diamond wedding ring

Price: $2,031

Princess cut diamond wedding ring

The princess cut diamond wedding ring is simply to die for, it looks very chic and classy. This is a perfect wedding ring for the super-cool men of today for whom style is everything. The hammer design compliments the male sex perfectly and looks stunning on the finger. This chic ring features five G colored diamonds with Vs clarity. There is no compromise made in terms of strength and design. The 18kt white gold ring has beautifully princess cut diamonds which make it all the more beautiful. The total diamond weights of this designer ring is .28ct. The 5 mm wide white gold band in flat bevelled style, is perfectly suited for offering a comfortable fit and great looks. The ring in totality weighs 9.09 grams and sturdy enough for daily wear.

Product USP:
The USP of this elegant princess cut diamond wedding ring lies in its graceful hammer design which is completed by 5 princess cut diamonds spelling luxury and class.


  1. The hammer design of this ring makes it appear very luxurious and trendy.
  2. The white gold used in this ring looks very stylish and elegant.
  3. The princess cut diamonds used in this ring are the second most popular cut shape.

4. Men’s white gold diamond wedding ring

Price: $1,665

Men's white gold diamond wedding ring
The overall grace of a ring depends on its designing. This white gold wedding ring is perfect for being a charming wedding ring because of its stunning design. The wedding ring is available in 18 kt white gold which makes it elegantly subtle. This ring is quite affordable for those on a budget. However, there is no compromise on the grace and quality. A single .12ct G colored diamond is featured on this ring. The diamond has superb Vs clarity princess cut diamond which makes it look highly alluring. The white gold flat beveled style band is about 6.00 mm wide and is perfectly finished with stunning detailing. The ring weighs 12.00 grams and is perfect for daily wear. This ring is simple and effective, courtesy, its delicately classy design.


The USP of this ring is its simplicity and elegance. The ring features just one princess cut diamond which is perfect for daily wear.


  1. The ring is quite affordable.
  2. The design is sleek and stylish.
  3. The .12ct princess cut diamond and flat beveled style band gives this ring a superb look.

5. 4mm platinum diamond ring

Price: $1,309.95

4mm Platinum Diamond ring
Platinum is the most expensive and stunning metal available. This beautiful ring is perfect for wedding occasion. The sleek band has perfect finish to complement an occasion as special as a wedding. The ring not only looks great but also fits comfortably well into the finger. This simple ring is suited for those who prefer sleek and stylish rings instead of loud ones. A single bezel set round diamond completes the look of this stunning ring. The design is rich with two color tones. The 14k gold and PT950 Plat has a satin finish and looks extremely chic. The ring weighs about 8 grams and is perfect for daily wear. The diamond has SI clarity and G-H color. The design is extremely simple but elegant. It spells class with its two tone design.


The USP of this classic 4mm platinum diamond ring is its two tone design which makes it look extremely stunning. For those who like things subtle, this is a perfect ring.


  1. The unique looks of this ring make it suitable for daily wear.
  2. The price is pretty decent.

6. 14K White Gold Round Diamond ring

Price: $1,259.95

14K White Gold Round Diamond Channel
This two-tone colored ring is definitely the stuff of dreams. Stunning design and superb craftsmanship makes this ring simply irresistible. The 14k white gold defines class whereas the 21 brilliant diamonds give it a classic feel. The diamonds have been set using the bezel setting which gives a clean look. The ring flaunts stunning diamonds with SI1 clarity and G color. The ring weighs about 7 grams. The width of this classy ring is about 7.5 mm. Each of the diamond weighs .45c. This is a superb wedding ring about which you need not think twice. Be sure to get people talking by wearing this smart and stylish wedding ring.


The USP of this gorgeous ring lies in its unique design which spells class and luxury in the same go. The beauty is breathtakingly amazing. The design is evergreen and will surely be a prized possession for you.


  1. The exquisite design will surely turn many heads around you.

7. Milgrain platinum wedding ring

Price: $1,875

Milgrain Wedding Ring

The 950 platinum metal used in the making of this ultra classic ring will surely make your heart skip a beat. The gorgeous design and polished finish makes this ring a beauty. The hammered finish looks all the more spectacular making this ring a perfect wedding gift. The ring is quite decently priced and definitely worth every penny. The deigning is class apart. If you are someone who likes to keep things over the top, this is the ring for you. Everything about this ring is perfect from designing to fit. Moreover, the ring is maintenance free, you can wear it regularly without fearing wear and tear. This ring makes a manly statement without much effort and will definitely be talked about for a long time. Intricate design and flawless appeal is what this ring is all about.


The USP of this stunning platinum wedding ring would be its sophisticated sleek design which makes it suitable for daily wear.


  1. The ring is made up of classic platinum which looks very luxurious.
  2. The designing is superb.
  3. The price is quite affordable.

8. 14K white gold round diamond channel

Price: $1,089.95

14K White Gold Round Diamond Channel
This superb ring is an instant hit among men. This 14K white gold round diamond channel set men’s ring spells luxury and class in the same go. This ring will definitely complement the personal style of a man and make him feel privileged. This is one of the best wedding rings one can opt for. The design is quite innovative and breaks monotony of simple bands. The design goes well with the modern man of today who know style and fashion pretty well. This ring has 0.33 ctw round diamonds with SI clarity and G-H color. Channel setting of diamonds makes it suitable for daily wear and looks extremely classy. The ring in all weighs around 8.3 -10.1 grams. A single look at this ring will take your breath away and make you loathe for it. As a wedding ring it is amazing. As far as the price is concerned, it is assured that you will not be thinking twice before buying this one.

Product USP:

Uniquely intricate design and channel set diamonds make this ring worth every penny you will spend in buying it.


  1. Stylish design and superb finish.
  2. This ring breaks the monotony of simple bands.

9. Hand Braided Men’s Wedding Ring

Price: $1,300

Hand Braided Men's Wedding Ring
What better way to shower affection and love than offering something handcrafted. This classic ring is hand braided and looks amazing. Rich detailing and superb finish make this ring a best pick. You can never go wrong with a design so sophisticated and classy. The 18k white gold used in the making of this ring looks subtle yet chic. If you see closely, the design is quite unique and exquisite. You will rarely spot this ring in the finger of your friend or colleague. This is a perfect wedding ring for the contemporary men. The milgrain edge framing, gives requisite amount of detailing. The width of this beauty is about 8 mm and it is rhodium plated. You can get this ring for a handsome $1,300.


The USP of this stunning hand braided men’s wedding ring is its hand crafted braid design which runs across the ring. The ring looks spectacular and is bound to take your breath away.


  1. Stunning white gold looks very chic.
  2. Hand braiding gives the design of this ring a contemporary twist.
  3. Milgrain edges add to the detailing of the ring.

10. Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Price: $1,440

Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

For those who like to play it safe and want to spend their hard earned money on a classic ring, this one is perfectly suited. You will never regret spending on this one because of its classic looks and comfort fit. This ring can be worn regularly without fearing any damage. 950 Platinum metal is used in making this ring. This ring spells class and is perfect for the modern man who likes to keep things understated.


The USP of this ring lies in its simplicity which makes it all the more desirable and fuss free. With a style so elegant you can never go wrong.


  1. The design will be appealing one and all.
  2. The ring sends across a subtle manly statement.

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