50 % Americans support ban on same-sex marriage

same sex marriages

Though the marriage of the same-sex couples has been legalized in many parts of the world, the opposition to this kind of a marriage is still very strong among the Americans, who call themselves one of the most advanced nations of the world.

The findings were reported by Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs team. Almost half of American population said that if a constitutional amendment is made to define the term ‘Marriage’ as a bond between a man and a woman, they would prefer it above same-sex marriage.

This makes it crystal clear that they are still not accepting the gay and lesbian couples as a part of the society. Only a meager amount of 39 % had absolutely no qualms against homosexual marriages.

This is really a very ridiculous situation: how can the nation call themselves ultra modern when most of the citizens are not given the right to exercise their freedom?

Via: UPI

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