7 Tricks for Looking Better in Your Wedding Photos

Looking Better in Your Wedding Photos

Every bride wants to look as good as possible in her wedding photos. This is one of the most impactful days of your life, and your photos and videos will be tangible artifacts commemorating that time. If you feel and look confident in those images, you’ll be able to look back with a smile—and you’ll feel less pressure during the event.

If you want to take your image to the next level, there are a few strategies that can make that happen.

How to Look Better in Wedding Photos

These are some of the most effective tips for looking your best in wedding photos:

  1. Hire the right photographer:
     right photographer
    First, you need to hire the right photographer. A professional photographer can make anyone look better, by choosing the right framing, using the right equipment, and capturing a wide variety of moments throughout the event. Don’t just go with a friend, either—get the names of several photographers and try them out. Do practice sessions with them, or evaluate their portfolios. There’s no “right” answer here, but you can get a serious edge by working with the right person. You’ll also probably have lots of wedding guests taking pictures of their own; you have no control over these, so they’re not worth worrying about (other than setting up proper lighting, which we’ll cover later on in this list).

  2. Get in shape (if you have the time): If your wedding is more than a few months away and you’re not feeling confident about your body, you can use that time to get in better shape. Depending on your goals, that could mean simply eating healthier, with smaller portions and a greater emphasis on vegetables and lean proteins, or it could mean exercising more. If your wedding is only a few weeks away or sooner, don’t resort to starving yourself or pushing your body past its limit with exercise. It takes time to see results, and if you push too hard, it will only hurt your health.

  3. Consider using a shaping bodysuit:
    shaping bodysuit
    You could use a shaping bodysuit to accentuate your curves and make your body look shapelier. It’s not an option for everyone, but it can help you give your body an image boost if you’re not feeling confident about it (and don’t have time to get in better shape).

  4. Have your hair and makeup professionally done: If you have the budget for it, consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done. Professionals have much more experience than you, and will be able to give you exactly the look you want. Failing that, looking up detailed hair and makeup tutorials online can teach you techniques you might not have known otherwise, giving you a unique look on this most important day.

  5. Think carefully about lighting:
    Hopefully, your photographer will be asking you about the lighting in your chosen venue. Better lighting will inevitably result in better photos, and help you look your best at the same time. If you’re trying to have an outdoor wedding, this will be partially dependent on the weather—so plan accordingly. Inside, the brightness, type, and positioning of your lights will matter. Work with a pro to get things set up exactly how you want them.

  6. Practice your posture and poses: As people take photos and look at you, you’ll want to strike your best poses—and maintain good posture. Standing tall with your shoulders back can make you appear more confident and more attractive, while keeping your arms away from your body and angling your body can show off the best parts of your wedding dress. You may even want to practice taking photos in various poses, so you can see firsthand how you look (and which side is your “better” one).

  7. Perfect your smile:
    happy couple
    This is a happy occasion, so chances are, you’ll be smiling naturally. It’s still a good idea to work on your smile if you want to look your best. Long-term teeth whitening isn’t recommended, but as a short-term measure to give your smile an extra gleam, it might be worth trying. Consider practicing your smile in a mirror or with practice photos so you can get it exactly the way you want.

Your best isn’t someone else’s

Before you start investing too heavily in your own appearance, remember that your “best” is a standard you should set on your own. You don’t need beauty magazines, family members, or society telling you what it means to be beautiful—especially on your wedding day. Do whatever you think would make you feel confident and beautiful, and don’t let anyone contradict those standards.

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