A discerning vegan’s guide to a perfect wedding

Planning a wedding is altogether a mixture of happiness, excitement, and stress. One feels happy and excited because a new life is going to start, and stressful because one wants wedding arrangements to be top-notch and impressive on their special day. Moreover, if it is a vegan wedding then the stress automatically doubles because it requires even greater efforts and consideration than a normal wedding does. But don’t you worry, as we have brought for you a complete guide on how to plan a successful vegan wedding.

Announce the theme

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If you plan to follow a vegan theme for your wedding then you must announce it loud to your family and friends. Highlight the vegan theme well in the invitation cards, and on the day of your wedding, you can use some animal figurines at the venue to make the theme clear. On the other hand, if you feel that announcing your theme would disappoint most of your friends and family members then hiding the theme or not talking about it much would work in your interest.

The Food

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Vegan food is one of the most essential feature of a vegan wedding, and it has to be delicious and filling because probably majority of your guests are not habitual to have vegetarian food. You must get the hang of a caterer in town who is adept at preparing delicious vegetarian food, which your guests are certain to relish.

Dress for the Bride

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Silk makes some of the perfect wedding dresses for brides but certainly not for the vegan brides. Before falling for a wedding gown make sure, you check its label and drop it if it contains silk. You can pick gowns made from chiffon, sateen, lace, and taffeta that look equally stunning.

Suit for the Groom

suit of groom

It is a bit challenging but surely not impossible. Vegan groom has to pick a suit made of cotton, linen, polyester, or rayon based fabrics, and should refrain from any animal-based fabrics such as wool, cashmere, or silk.



Skip the leather, silk, and suede, and pick the shoes made of man-made materials. You would not face any difficulty choosing vegan shoes, as many big and small brands deal in it.

Wedding planning is stressful, and if it is about planning a vegan wedding, then it is all the more stressful. However, if you follow a vegan-wedding guide, you will realize that planning a vegan wedding is not very tough.

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