A New Mattress: The Best Investment for Newlyweds


After getting married, many newlyweds like to exchange gifts. They might take a long vacation or purchase another expensive token to commemorate the occasion. While these gifts may be meaningful in the moment, they may not have a lasting impact. Instead, invest in your future together and buy a new mattress.

Many couples put off buying a new mattress because they don’t know what to buy. Thankfully, the mattress-review market has recently exploded. Experts in the sleep industry test out and review mattresses, writing about their experiences to help you find the perfect fit.

Take advantage of this content and do thorough research to find the perfect new bed. Then enjoy all the fantastic benefits of having a new mattress at the beginning of your marriage.

Better Quality Sleep


Lack of sleep is such a common problem in the United States that the CDC has recently declared it a public health epidemic. Their research found that about a third of American adults got less than the recommended seven hours of sleep each night.

Your sleep problems could relate to a disorder like sleep apnea or insomnia, or it could be a simple issue of having too much on your mind to fall asleep. A large percentage of those with sleep problems struggle because they need a new mattress and don’t realize it.

No matter what your sleep problem is, your lack of sleep will negatively affect your lifestyle. Nearly 50 million people or about 23 percent of American adults said that their lack of sleep impacted their ability to concentrate during the day, according to CDC research. Nearly 10 percent said that their sleep problems interfered with their job performance. This increases stress in your personal life, often translating into marital arguments. 

Plus, when you’re married, there’s often a period of getting used to each other. Even if you lived together before marriage, there can be extra stress as you merge two lives into one. A good night’s sleep can keep you and your spouse on good terms through the ups and downs.

Multiple Health Benefits

Many studies have evaluated the health benefits of a new mattress. Why not start your marriage out on a healthier foot? Some of the best health benefits of buying a new mattress include:

  • Fewer Aches and Pains: One study revealed that adults who slept on a new mattress experienced 50 percent fewer aches and pains than those who slept on their old mattress.
  • Reduced Allergies: Mattresses are filled with dust mites and allergens that can increase your allergies and make you feel sick often. New mattresses significantly improve your ability to breathe freely all night long.
  • Lower Stress: A 2009 study showed that stress levels were significantly reduced for participants who slept on a new mattress compared to those sleeping on an old one. They had less nervousness, irritability, racing thoughts, headaches, etc.

Deeper Intimacy

Deeper Intimacy2013 research revealed that those who have sex and intimacy problems may be able to blame their mattress. The findings showed that mattresses that were too soft from overuse were uncomfortable and made sex difficult.

Marriage is about emotional connections and being with someone you love in every way. Sexual intimacy is an important part of becoming one. If you want that deeper intimacy, try a new hybrid mattress, which is the recommended style.

Greater Emotional Strength

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to stress, arguments, and other issues common in marriage. It’s hard to emotionally connect with your spouse when you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

It’s hard for anyone to control their emotions, positive or negative, when they’re tired. You’re more likely to say things you’ll regret and cause discord in your relationship. An inability to sleep because of a mattress problem could create a bad vibe that you don’t want at the beginning of your marriage.

With your new mattress, you can start your new life together on the right foot. You can enjoy multiple benefits and spend hours cuddling in your comfortable bed.

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