Best ideas to reduce your wedding budget

Not everyone plan a champagne wedding on a beer budget but if someone tells you the smart ways, why not? Every bride wishes to save money on wedding but not compromising with the quality or class of the ceremony and it’s not as impossible as you may think of having a lavish wedding within a tight budget. With a proper planning and by adding personal touch to the ceremony is all what you need to make the event a talk of the town. Here are some ideas.

Ideas to reduce your wedding budget

1. Any wedding ceremony starts with sending out ‘save the Date’ cards as this offers you loved ones to get a glimpse of your future wedding. Many people spend a hefty amount on these cards and end up bewildering about the wedding expenses. Instead of going for expensive cards with coasters or other items, make your own cards printing them on computer, you can also use postcards of your wedding town.

2. Generally, fruits are less expensive than flowers. Sometimes, you may have to import from other cities, if not available in your area. So, use in-season fruits as wedding centerpieces instead of flowers. You can use Lemon, limes for a summer wedding and apple for fall weddings. For a winter wedding, use orange as wedding favor or centerpieces.

3. Food cost a lot in a wedding, so go wise while choosing the menu. Go for the food that incorporate your heritage instead spending lot money on chicken food items. Delicious Indian, Mexican or Italian food is another best option that you will get at a reasonable cost.

4. Weddings cake is beautiful part wedding reception but having a cake can lead to a big hole in your pocket. Go for it only if a traditional wedding can is all what you had dreamt for, but don’t go for the cake if it’s just a part of tradition for you or a custom you need to follow.

5. A friend in need is a friend indeed and what else can be the best moment to check it than your wedding. Rather than spending a lot of money on wedding DJ and putting your tech-savvy friend to play songs that you love and you think everybody in your wedding are going to love.

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