Weddings On A Budget ideas?


hiii!! can u please give some idea for Weddings On A Budget of $6000. It would be whole lot of things to be done like the food, the cake, the chapel booking, the favors..phewww…and all this in such a limited budget. It would be great if you can give some tips on DIY preparation for the ceremony, which could be easily done and attractive too. We would be having around 110 of guests for the ceremony and want it to be innovative and fun, yet within the budget. can you suggest some place from where i can get on the wedding items at cheap price….it would be great if u can tell me the things I can cut on  from the list as I have no idea of celebration on such a moderate budget, its because of this recession we are into some restriction but me and partner want to be the best and memorable for us nd our friends…….help!!!!

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