Wedding favors DIY : Chocolate favors gin and orange balls

Chocolate as wedding favor is always a fantastic idea because it is a sweet way to thank your loved ones for sharing happy moments with you. Generally, wedding chocolate favors are not easy to make at home but with a right guidance, you can easily make it the best. We have an amazingly beautiful and creative DIY of making chocolate favors gin and orange balls that are also a great idea for a low- budgeted wedding for you. So, adjust the intensity of your likings by following these instructions. Read on…

Chocolate favors gin and orange balls

Things you need

Seven oz marzipan

Juice from ¼ of orange

One spoon Gin and White chocolate

Dark chocolate, Grated orange peel

1 Small pot, Grater, Plastic bags and Flat trays

1 Bowl to melt the chocolate in, 1 Fork


  1. First of all, take marzipan and mix it with gin and orange juice by making a not-to-much wet mixture of it. The quantity may vary according to the quantity.
  2. Now, make balls of the mixture, you can give them circular or square like shapes and place these roll balls in refrigerator for approximately one hour.
  3. Place these roll balls on a flat tray. Use a piece of plastic below these roll balls, a freezer bag a cool for this purpose.
  4. Take melted white chocolate and dip every roll ball twice allowing drying in between each dip in it.
  5. Now, decorate the coated marzipan with little pieces of orange peel or you can also decorate them by making zigzag linings of dark chocolates on coated marzipan.

Things to watch out

  1. Drop in one ball of marzipan into the chocolate and take it out carefully with the help of fork.
  2. After dipping marzipan into the chocolate, give a temperature of about 59-68°F to cool them off. Keeping the balls next to an open window, slightest breeze will serve the purpose well.

Source: diywedding

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