Would a black colored knee length skirt with a white fitted knit cardigan make an ideal wear to a winter wedding for me?

I have been invited as a guest at my friend’s wedding, I am looking forward on attending the wedding in January, and I would be flying to Florida to attend the wedding. However, I have a query regarding my dress for the wedding. I am 21 years old, and I assume that it would be really cold out there, and since the wedding would take place in a big church, so its already giving me goose bumps. I have a black colored knee length skirt, and a white fitted knit cardigan. I was wondering, whether a light red colored warm wrap and long boots would make a complete look for my wedding dress. I would be really thankful for an appropriate input from an expert. Would love to hear from you soon, on some details for what to wear to a winter wedding! Thanks.

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