Common wedding invite mistakes you can avoid


Choosing wedding invites is both exciting and daunting for it takes a lot of time. Despite spending a good deal of time and putting in every effort to make a wedding invite extremely special, some couples end up making common wedding invite mistakes. To prevent you from committing such mistakes, we have here summarized the most common wedding invite mistakes that you can avoid.


You send across wedding invites so that people could gain comprehensive insight into your wedding and its theme. However, couples who do not proofread their wedding invite sample before finalizing it often end up making their guests read invites that have a number of spelling and grammatical errors. For sure, you do not want this to happen with your wedding invite. Therefore, make sure you proof read it on time.

Odd size

It is fine if you desire your wedding invite to stand out but make sure you choose a viable way to ensure the same. For instance, some couples in their efforts to make their wedding invite unique choose an odd size. They fail to realize that the bigger the invite size, the more is the mailing cost.

Wrong style

One of the most common wedding invite mistakes that couples commit is to choose a wrong style. For instance, a couple has a contemporary wedding theme but ends up choosing a traditional and old school style of wedding invite. To avoid this mistake, pick a wedding invite style that complements your wedding theme.

Too much color

Vintage greeting card and rose flower.

Wedding invites have to be colorful, so that they represent your happiness and excitement. However, using too much of colors is not a good idea. If you pick one or two bright colors, make sure you pick a neutral color to balance them as well.

Incorrect estimate

Some couples end up ordering less wedding invites, while the others end up ordering wedding invites much more than the number required. To avoid this mistake, you need to work out the approximate number of invites required and then ordering a few invites extra.

Buying postage without weighing

Purchasing postage before weighing a wedding invite is one of the most common mistakes that couples tend to make. You must ensure that you take finished invite to the post office, get it weighed and then buy postage. 

Right from choosing wedding invites to sending them across, couples do make some common mistakes. They are trivial mistakes that are easy to avoid.

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