Diamonds as Time Capsules? The Probabilities are Endless!

Diamonds as Time Capsules

Diamonds are forever. This can literally be true when you choose to create a unique diamond ring that contains a piece of you and your spouse. Does this sound unbelievable to you?

It may sound unbelievable, but it is possible and many couples are choosing to have diamond rings that contain an essence of themselves in the truest sense. A few prestigious names in jewellery making are providing couples a unique opportunity to use an actual combination of their and their partner’s hair to create a diamond.

These unusual diamond wedding rings promise to keep the memories of your wedding day alive forever. In fact, these are not simply pieces of jewellery but a part of you that stays alive in the ring and is cherished for generations beyond. 

Significance of this unusual ring

When you combine your and your partner’s hair strands to make a diamond from scratch, it becomes a pure symbol of love. The ring will strengthen your wedding bond forever. It is like creating an everlasting union of two people who have come together in this life. 

How is a diamond made from hair?

Diamond is made of carbon. So the first step is to extract carbon from your hair samples. This is done by applying appropriate heat and pressure. The carbon is compressed to form a diamond seed from which your unique diamond will be made.

The experts then combine the diamond seed with other elements to give your gem the colour of your choice. This is the growth capsule.

This growth capsule is then placed in a growth chamber. Here, the diamond-in-the-making undergoes intense heat and pressure to let chrysalises happen. This takes a few weeks.

Your diamond is ready to be inspected, cut, and polished to the highest industry standards. It is then set on the piece of jewellery. The most popular cut is the princess cut. However, you can choose any cut. It’s your diamond, after all.

The diamond in your ring is graded and carries a certificate of authenticity. Some of the most prestigious makers of these diamonds deliver them to their owners through courier or by hand.

If this still sounds unbelievable to you, then you must certainly try it to believe it. It’s a unique way to show your love to each other.

Wedding vows are good; but a diamond ring consisting of your tangible essence is better. They cease to be just a wedding ring. They become time capsules, giving your love an eternal existence.

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