Don’t let these common wedding regrets be your own

When you are planning for your wedding, you make sure that everything is perfect. Wedding is a happy occasion for all, but what if people still regret about something on this day. When planning of wedding, people go over every detail repeatedly to avoid any mistake. However, even after trying so hard, not everything can be perfect.

No doubt, wedding is the biggest and happiest moment of life, and nobody wants to mar the occasion with things that make the person regret things at their wedding. Some of the following reasons that make people regret on this special day are as follows.

Regret of not hiring a wedding planner

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee

Many people think that they will do everything on their own on this special occasion called Wedding. And most of the times they end up regretting this decision. Trying to save money at your wedding is not a brilliant idea. In fact, on this special occasion, people must do everything to make it flawless. Hiring a good wedding planner is a great idea to avoid any flaws. Set budget for your wedding so that you do not spend all the money on hiring. Have a look at the budget and then hire a wedding planner to avoid the situation of going bankrupt.

Attempt to save money on wedding cake

wedding cake (2)

Nothing is as embarrassing as falling short of food or dessert at the wedding. It is not acceptable to say no to any guest when they ask for one more slice of your wedding cake. Attempting to save money on the wedding cake is not a good idea. Save little extra money for your wedding cake and make it big enough so that you do not fall short of it anyway. If your budget is quite low, then add some alternative for the cake to make it up for the wedding cake.

Choosing bad wedding dress

Bridal Trousseau

Nothing adds more wedding regrets as choosing a bad wedding dress. On this special occasion, every bride wants to look gorgeous form head to toe. When it is not up to the mark, then brides regret their decision. Most of the brides choose their wedding dress months before the actual wedding. And on the day of wedding, they look clunky. Choosing the wedding dress a little time ahead of your wedding is good. With proper research over latest trends and little knowledge about the colors and fabric will give you no chance to regret.

Professional photographers are indispensible

Wedding Photographer Self Portrait

Nothing can be as painful as having no memories of your wedding. All the sad, happy, exciting, and nervous emotions complete the wedding. Capturing all these emotions is must. Nobody wants to look at those blurred and imperfect pictures captured by a drunken cousin. Opting to hire a professional photographer will do, as it will help you in cherishing the perfectly captured pictures of your wedding.


Everyone wishes to make his or her wedding day perfect. Having some regrets on this special occasion is not good. To enjoy regret free wedding make sure to do things correctly and stop worrying about the perfection, just remember nobody is perfect in this world.

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