Alternatives that can give the classic wedding cake a run for its money

Every couple wants everything to be perfect on such a special day called wedding. When wedding is such an important day, how can the cake be so traditional and old? Traditional cake is not a good choice for trendy weddings and even the guests do not like to have that old cake repeatedly at every wedding. So if you want to change that trend and bring in some freshness to your wedding, then replacing traditional cake with something unique and different is better option.

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If you are a cake lover and want the same to be the dessert at your wedding, then little changes can add fun to the cake. There are many different ways that can change the design, color, and taste of that old traditional cake.

Here are few tips that can help in making that boring traditional cake more interesting and tasty.


A cheesecake at wedding

To add little fun in those old traditional cakes, add some cheese to it. A cheesecake at wedding is nothing less than Heaven. The creamy and rich cheesecake is perfect delight for the wedding and nothing can be better than this cake. But it depends upon the choice of the couple as the day belongs to them. If the couple is a cheese lover, they cannot get a better treat than Cheesecake. Also this cake is more interesting and better than old traditional cake that is normally used in the weddings.

Doughnut cake

Doughnut cake

If cake is what you want as dessert in your wedding, then it is better to add some flavor into traditional cake making it mouth-watering. Guests at wedding also will not be willing to eat same old cake. Replacing old cake with new and better flavor like Doughnut will attract more guests towards dessert area. A huge doughnut cake designed beautifully with bright colors makes cake luscious.

Brownie Wedding cake

Brownie Wedding cake

If traditional cake is not what you want to serve to the guests at wedding, then appetizing brownie cake will do. Brownie gives a special touch to the old boring cake and makes it attractive and delicious. A three or four layered brownie cake gives an elegant and fresh look making it perfect dessert for the wedding.


Although cakes are perfect for any wedding, still nobody likes to have the same thing repeatedly. At wedding, everyone expects to see something new, especially food and desserts. So adding better taste and décor to the cake can really fulfill the expectations of the guests and make your wedding memorable one.

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