Five Essential Tips for Finding the Right Engagement Ring

Finding the Right Engagement Ring

So the time has come. You’re getting married. You’ll need engagement rings. You have probably already decided that you will get engaged to your significant other, but you still want to make it special. You want to present the right ring and you want to get it for the right price. These days, we’re all conscious of the ethics surrounding diamonds, gold, and other stones, gems, and metals. All of these things add up to make buying an engagement ring pretty complicated. Don’t worry, luckily there are clear steps to getting a ring that is affordable, ethical, and beautiful. Here are five tips for finding it.

1. Start with an Ethical Jeweler

Ethical JewelerStart with the jeweler. An ethical jewelry seller will not offer you options to make sure your ring is sustainable and morally sound, they can even be more affordable. These sellers will have conflict-free gems and stones, recycled gold or metal, lab-produced diamonds, and other sustainable and ethical options for your rings. The odds are, if you find an ethical jeweler, you will be able to ask them about the sourcing of stones and if the gold was recycled from other gold items. If you start here, you will be in a good place.

2. Think About Ways to Cut Down on Cost

Of course you want a nice ring for your partner, but they can be very expensive. The old adage is that you should spend three months’ worth of salary on a ring, but that isn’t the case. This idea was created by jewelers to sell more expensive rings. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to cut down on the expense of buying rings. You can choose recycled gold, but you can also go without the stone or diamond. Or you can go for a stone that isn’t as expensive as others. There are plenty of beautiful gems that are more reasonable than diamonds. Another way to cut down on cost while ensuring that your ring is morally sound is to buy a used one.

3. Consider Vintage and Used Rings

Used-RingFor a lot of people, vintage rings are even more desirable than new ones. While they vary in price, buying a used ring can help you avoid the ethical dilemma. If the ring is already made and you’re buying it second-hand, you aren’t contributing to the ethical perils surrounding diamonds, gold, and other materials. This way, you can get the ring you want while keeping a clear conscience. Buying a used ring can also be much less expensive than a brand new one. Consider a second-hand ring and you can kill two birds with one stone.

4. Think About the Size

If you really want to buy a diamond, want to make sure it’s ethical, and don’t want to break the bank with the ring, you should think about the size of the diamond. Small and loose diamonds are a lot cheaper than a large rock. Other gems and stones are priced by weight. Thinking about the size of the stone will help you choose a ring that is reasonable and affordable. Combining size with ethics and you will be able to find the right ring for your partner.

5. Know Where the Stone Comes From

diamond ringOne of the most important things to know is where the stone comes from. You should ask about its origin and do your own research. The goal is to avoid conflict zones where wars have developed surrounding the mining of diamonds and other precious stones. You should also think about how the workers are treated in that country. If you can find the right information about the origin of the stone, you will be able to determine if it was ethically mined and sourced.

Buying an engagement ring is always a big move. There are a lot of moving parts. You want to buy your partner the ring they deserve but you also want it to be reasonably affordable and ethically sound. If you follow these steps and balance the morals with the price, you will be able to buy the best right you can for your significant other. The perfect ring is out there, go and find it.

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