Flower trends for the season

flowersFlowers are the indispensable part of any marriage. A good floral decoration in your wedding goes down the memory lane. To ensure that you are in sync with the ongoing trends, read this..

1.Make your favorite flower into jewelry. Attach a flower to a velvet or satin ribbon as a choker. Pin a blossoms to your waist. Dress a bodice with a bloom or have your florist add flowers to a small purse.

2. Tone-on-tone or monochromatic. Chose any color and red, white, purple, yellow, coral, whatever and layer it in hues in your bouquet and flower arrangements.

3. Red is the new color but not just in roses.

4. Use green and maidenhair ferns, ivy, green viburnum, lemon leaves, camellia leaves in bouquets.

5. Toss the bouquet and and carry a single stem inside a Bible or favorite book of poetry to share with your beloved. Hand over the passage to the officiant to read during the ceremony.

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