Which fruits can go well along with the yellow and orange flowers?

My wedding is scheduled to be on 30th of October, and my fiancée and I are really excited about the wedding arrangements. We haven’t hired any professional wedding planner, and everything is been taken care of by my dad and uncle. Nonetheless, I had a few queries regarding the decorations for my wedding, and I would really be thankful if some expert could help me with some suitable suggestions. Since my wedding is going to be an autumn wedding, I am using yellow and orange colored flowers as theme, and for the centerpieces, I have bought a pumpkin candleholder made up of wrought iron. I was planning to cover it with fall leaves, and flowers. However, my fiancée has advised me to keep fruits as well, for the decorations, and I am in fix, as I am not able to decide which fruits would go well with the orange and yellow colored flowers theme. Moreover, since Halloween day would be just a day after my wedding, do you think small pumpkin along with the centerpiece would look good over the table!

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