Get Everyone Excited About Your Wedding With These Trending Wedding Hashtags


Hashtags have become a very popular trend today in so many ways. We use hashtags for a variety of reasons. Well, now you can consolidate the fun before and during the wedding through your Facebook and Instagram profile using trending wedding hashtags. If you are trying to get a few ideas on the free wedding hashtags and different variants you can use, here are a few examples.

1. Hashtags with the grooms last name


One of the trending hashtags that you will find online today is the one that has the groom’s last name on it. You can use this to your benefit by combining it with the bride’s favorite show. For example, one such hashtag that was a combination of both was #SayYesToTheKress. In this tag, the groom’s last name is Kress and the show that inspired the person was – Say Yes to the dress.  If you want, you can use the help of a funny hashtag generator.

2. Using the bride’s maiden name

The next ideas in the list of trending wedding hashtags are the ones that are generated with the bride’s maiden name. These hashtags are perfect for couples who love to add a little humor in their life.  You can easily make some funny hashtags with the maiden name and add a touch of humor in it. For example, one such hashtag that was really interesting was #HussyNoMore.

3. Creating hashtags for the madly-in-love couple


There are so many free wedding hashtags online generators that you can use to create a special hashtag for a couple. For those who are madly in love and like things the old-fashioned way; this idea will be perfect for you. No doubt, recommendations from friends and family will also be helpful. One such hashtag that nailed the concept is #CrazyStroopedLove.

4. Trending wedding hashtags using the last name and year

Another great idea to create a customized wedding hashtag is by using the last name and year. This is a great way to break the message to your loved ones that the two of you plan to tie the knot. If you plan to use this hashtag, you can keep things a secret and surprise everyone. This will definitely be one of the best ways to let your close ones know about the new phase of your life. One example to illustrate this hashtag is #Browns2017

5. Wedding hashtags with the venue mentioned through a funny hashtag generator


Another type of trending wedding hashtags that are hot cakes this year are the ones that have the wedding venue on them. These hashtags bring in a nice look and feel to them. You can use them to replicate your profession along with the venue or even put the last name and venue. For example, if the last name is Bakers and the wedding venue is a barn, then you can make the hashtag #BakersInTheBarn. Similarly, if both of you work as fitness instructors then you can make a hashtag #FitnessFreaksInTheSportsClub.

6.  Wedding tagline hashtags with the last name twist

The one thing good about trending wedding hashtags is that they give you a good idea of how you can customize your hashtag. One such classic example of a hashtag is with a wedding tagline. You can use any one of the vows you both plan to exchange during your wedding as your hashtag. For example, the most common vow is – To have and to hold. Well, you can use this to your benefit through this example. The last name of the couple that came up with the hashtag #ToHaveAndToHolton was the Holton family. The couple decided to twist the vow ‘To have and to Hold’ into #ToHaveAndToHolton.

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