Go all blue on your very special day with a blue themed wedding

Blue bridesmaid dresses

You want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible. You want it to be something that you would cherish and remember in every detail throughout your life. You plan everything in great detail, and select a theme which would make your wedding memorable. A blue themed wedding can make it elegant and graceful, and trendy, as blue seems to be the ‘in’ color at the moment.  Blue is a color which matches easily with others, especially white and you can choose from the various shades of blue – royal blue, navy blue, Tiffany Blue, dusty blue or serenity blue. All these shades of blue are the trendy shades predicted for 2017. Here’s a look at how you can plan a perfect blue themed wedding:

 Invitations and stationery

You can choose different shades of blue for your wedding. The invitations and stationery can be in royal blue with the text in white to make it a wonderful combination. The darker shade of blue for the invitations makes sense as the text would stand out, making it more readable and elegant at the same time. Tie the invitations in blue satin ribbons to make them a part of your color scheme.

Blue stemmed wine glasses

Blue stemmed wine glasses

The glassware can include the blue theme as well. Blue stemmed wine glasses would look stunning on white tablecloths decorated with different shades of blue for your wedding. You can also combine blue with coral, as coral matches well with blue.

Blue ties for the groomsmen

Include the groomsmen in your blue scheme of color by getting them to wear ties having a shade of blue. This will go well with the blue gowns of the bridesmaids. A better idea is to match the bridesmaids’ gowns’ color and the blue ties of the groomsmen. Another great photo op!

Wedding cake


You can choose your wedding cake color from any of the different shades of blue for your wedding. Light blue and white looks quite nice, as does a simple band of royal blue on each layer of the cake. Understated, but effective!

Blue wedding decoration

Place cards, tablecloths, napkins and the vases for the tables at the reception venue can be in various shades of blue. The color is soothing and pretty. It will make your wedding gorgeous without having to invest much. The flower bouquets can also be tied with blue ribbons, or you could have some blue roses or a single blue rose for the bouquets. Blue floating candles are a great idea as a blue wedding decoration – another idea which is beautiful and pocket friendly.

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue is a lovely color for the bridesmaids’ gowns. It looks good on almost everyone and would provide a great photo opportunity if you are in white wedding gown and surrounded by your bridesmaids dressed in blue.

Background decor

Silk drapes in your favourite blue shade would be another good way to implement the color scheme. It would instantly bring the color scheme to your guests’ notice, along with other little details in blue. If you do this then your blue wedding theme would be definitely appreciated.

Food and drink

blueberry macaroon

Macaroons in blue and a blue colored beverage would reinforce your theme.

Ring cushion

Your lovely diamond wedding ring would stand out on a beautiful blue ring cushion. Choose a velvet or silk cushion in a dark blue shade for a more spectacular effect.

Wedding favour bags

You can have wedding favour bags laser cut in a style of your choice to match laser cut invitations. White and blue favour bags also look good.

You can choose different color combinations such as mauve, dusty blue and gold, or coral and blue and of course, white and blue to make your wedding beautiful, chic and lovely.

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