Decoration ideas for a peace theme wedding

Most of the time, a wedding is a bit hectic and noisy affair and many people simply don’t like it. If you are also among them or people, who are fan of hippie moments from 1970s or a part of anti-war movement may also look up for peace wedding theme that will help you decide what type of decorations you want. Here are some ideas.

Peace theme wedding

1. Flowers can be decorated according to any wedding theme. You can give them any desired shape including peace sign. Try to incorporate peace sign in almost every item like use small metals peace signs inside the bouquet. You can also tie the bouquet with the help of ribbon that has a peace sign printed on it. For an outside wedding, make a large peace sign with different flowers and say your vows in that sign. You can even hang peace-sign-shaped wreaths on the wall or trees.

2. If you have bit of knowledge about the history, then you will find that peace signs were really famous during 1970s and many noted artists have contributed their support for the peace in various ways like by paintings, poetry and by writing fictions. You can also arrange some vintage posters of that era that send a message of peace and love. You can even hire a person to made replica of the same if the poster color doesn’t match with the theme color of the wedding.

3. Food is another best way to incorporate peace theme in your wedding. You can arrange a cake that has a peace sign as a cake topper, if you can’t make it yourself, hire a cake artist. Make cupcakes with fondant peace signs and make foot that resembles with the peace sign. Try to carry the peace theme throughout the meal.

4. Spreading a message though the favors is another great idea for a peace theme wedding. Buy favors like candies having peace sign covers or peace sign-shaped candles.

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