Graff Diamonds’ jewelry watches you can wear for your wedding

The diamond, Paragon, caught the eyes of many when supermodel Naomi Campbell wore it as part of the ‘Millenium’ diamond necklace. It symbolized the quest and attainment of perfection that the House of Graff strives for. Expert teams from around the world are engaged in cutting and polishing tens of thousands of carats diamonds into unique pieces. That has earned them a name that stands for beauty, excellence, quality, and rarity. Graff has a dazzling variety of trapeze, triangle, trilliant, brilliant, princess, and baguette cut diamonds. Its venture into watches has been blended with the same passion and expertise that goes into the manufacturing of their diamonds. These exquisite timepieces will make any bride desire them.

Graff Diamonds’ Jewelry Watches

Graff diamonds

The House of Graff that has become synonymous with the most brilliant and fabulous jewels was founded in the 1960s by Laurence Graff. Based in London, United Kingdom, the jeweler has worldwide operations ranging from cutting the gemstones to the manufacture and retailing of the finest jewelry across the 26 boutiques.


Belief is that the House of Graff has handled more diamonds than any other house in the world. And that kind of expertise comes from an undying passion and great inspiration. According to Lawrence Graff, the diamonds excite him and bring life in him. That in turn seems to lend life to the diamonds too! Specializing only in stones of exceptional and the finest quality, the House draws inspiration from the stones themselves! Perfection seems to inspire further perfection.

Graff Diamonds’ jewelry watches

When it comes to watches, Graff simply sweeps you off your feet. They seem to symbolize the timelessness of diamonds and the great value of time at the same time! It becomes difficult to decide whether they are functionally watches or functionally jewelry. The watches arrive in four collections.

The BabyGraff, as the name implies, is not only for the youngsters and teens. It has been so named because of the multi-colored watches on offer. The exclusive gem-setting skills of the ‘Grafftsmen’ creating this collection has ensured an elegant composition of the finest emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds in an amazing array of cuts which include the trilliant, brilliant, triangle, baguette, and trapeze. The watches are held by gemstone bracelets, stingray straps or crocodile straps, which complement and add on to the color of the stones on the watch.

The BabyGraff One Carat watch collection is the evolved glory of the previous collection it seems! The highlight is the bracelet that is composed of a single row of 24 one-carat diamonds. Hand set at Graff’s London-based workshops, each gemstone comes with its very own certificate of quality and purity from the Gemological Institute of America. The timepiece in itself arrives from the home of high quality watches – Switzerland – and is studded with 99 diamonds of a total 33 carat value.

The GraffSuperstar 38mm is pure ecstasy with 55 carats of diamonds adorning it. The bracelet has been set with 52 brilliant cut diamonds and 52 princess cut diamonds in four rows. The buckle too has been composed of 20 fancy diamonds. The timepiece has 216 trilliantly cut diamonds invisibly embedded in the case. With a total of 314 diamonds being enhanced with 12 trapeze-cut emeralds, this magnificent collection is a limited edition with only 30 pieces.

The sleek variant of its superstar is the GraffSuperstar 30mm collection. But, it boasts of 59 carats of diamonds which have been fashioned beautifully into 18k white gold. Though you may not see all the invisibly set diamonds on the case and the dial, the watch has 176 trapeze and trilliant diamonds in it. The bracelet is made of 94 diamonds in three rows. This collection too is a limited edition one with only 30 pieces available for sale.

Why buy?

The House of Graff specializes in the highest quality diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, and sapphires. These stones come in range of colors and fine cuts. The Graff workshops are epitomes of quality and the craftsmen seem to be alchemists transforming rough stones into exquisite diamonds. The House has now indulged in the manufacture of watches with the same precision and perfection. Jewelry and watches are the most frequent gifts at a wedding. Now, we have something special that consists of both! And so, for the perfectionists looking out to pamper their special friends and family, there can be nothing better than the jewelry watches from Graff.

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