Helpful tips and guides to plan your bridal luncheon

bridal luncheon

A well come addition to the wedding celebrations, the bridal luncheon is a way of her bridal party guests to say thank you. The bridal luncheon is time when the bride, her friends and family spend a few blissful moments in each other’s company. Although this is not a mandatory option, but there is no set rules on who can organize this luncheon. If you are planning to host something like this, here are some great tips to help you pull it with ease and ensure that it is a success.
Choosing a right theme

bridal luncheon

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is to ensure that you choose the right theme for your bridal luncheon. One of the best ways to pull this off would be to choose something that is very close to the bride. For example, if the bride to be is a person who is very creative, you can opt for a team that reflects more on the creative end. Similarly, if the bride is an adventurous person, an adventure based theme would be ideal.

Make sure that everybody is involved

To reduce the load of any last minute mishaps, you can get family members and close friends involved and collectively plan the bridal luncheon. Distributing the responsibilities is one of the great ways to ensure that everything is taken care of. Even for the decorations, make a collective decision so that it is easy to decide. It will also be helpful to get everybody to contribute on the overall expenses if they are willing to do so.

Choose a nice gift

Give a gift

You can choose a beautiful gift for the bride to be as a surprise. This is a great way for the bride to remember this particular event. Even the bride can give her thank you gifts to everybody during this time.  While choosing the gift, you can consider a nice weekend getaway, a massage or spa treatment or even a gift card that she can use later.

Pay attention to small details

Small details are very important to pull off a successful bridal luncheon. The overall success of this quality time totally depends on integrity details. One advice on this front is to ensure that everything is set as per the bride’s preferences. Even something as small as the arrangement of the flowers or even the centerpieces that you plan to get plays a vital role.

Do not forget the cake


Although this is not a hard and fast rule, but having a cake is one of the traditional and charming focal point of a bridal luncheon. Choose the design that does not resemble a wedding cake but does have the various qualities of one. For the centerpiece of the cake, you can choose to have a bridal figuring with the name of the bride on it.

Deciding the menu

Depending on the time, season and the number of guests make the relative choice for the menu. Barbecues, outdoor grill, light snacks are perfect are a few examples. You can also opt for a nice pot lunch so that everybody can contribute on the menu of the bridal luncheon.

Using decorations and centerpieces

bridal luncheon

One of the great ways to pull off your bridal luncheon would be to incorporate customized centerpieces and decorations that have the name of the bride on it. The reason why this option is advisable is because it gives a very personalized touch and feel for the bride. Christmas Lights, lazy and frilly stuff, fresh flowers as well as bridal themed decor are some examples of decorating the place. Scented candles will also add a special touch to the bridal luncheon.

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