Wedding Receptions

hii.. this november i am going to get married. although its a long time but i guess all of u know, we can never get enough time to plan marriages and reception systematically. unfinished things of importance do crop up at the last moment. thats why i have decided to start the planning right here, right now. for my november wedding reception, i have opted for an indoor banquet hall. i want to know which kinds of theme will go for a winter reception? i am also planning to use pillars (adorned with draperies or with hanging flowers, that is yet to be decided), to give it a royal look. is there any theme which can make use of pillars too? i mean there is no way, i am going to leave out on them but it will be nice if it goes with the theme. other than the theme, i want to know what kinds of favor gifts can i give to my guests at that season of the year? something that goes well with the chilly breeze!!

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