How to cut down on your wedding budget??

Today wedding is the most expensive occasion where you spend like anything; to such an extent that ultimately you end up bankrupt mostly.

Check out few of the advices and you will feel off-loaded:

Invitations: Don’t go for some glittery stuff. Keep your invites simple, artistic yet smart.

Guests List: You needn’t call the entire world to celebrate the occasion. Invite only those close to you: friends and family members.

Off-Season Wedding: Go for an off-season wedding. It will save you lot of costs.

Networking: You don’t have to bear all the expenses for the wedding flowers alone. Try to find out if there are other couples who are getting married the same day at the same place that you have planned to tie the knot. Share the cost of flower with them.

Simple Flowers: You don’t have to go for fancy flowers or designer bouquets. Make use of the seasonal flowers.

Morning Wedding ceremony: if you go for a morning ceremony, you don’t have to shell out heavily on alcohol.

Desserts: Keep it light, elegant and sweet.

Discount wedding dress: the wedding market is full of cheaper but quality fabrics if you literally go out on a hunt. There are lots many websites that will offer you dress on discounts. So it is not at all necessary that you have to adorn a designer wedding gown only.

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