How to cut down your wedding costs?

You don’t have to go always for expensive stuff when it comes to your wedding shopping. Try to stay firm on the budget that you have already charted out for all the things that you have to buy.

Check out these ideas which will certainly help you out:

1.Go for simple but artistic invitation cards. Keep it neat yet classy. Or you might just design them yourself.

2.As for the bridal dresses there are always the discount sites and stores which are plenty in option.

3.Designer accessories is not always necessary, you get beautiful pearl sets in quite an affordable ranges.

4.Surf through net for the entire cut throat wedding caterers’ prices.

5.Avoid serving hard core drinks, wine will do just fine.

6.You don’t have to go for3/4 heavy dishes: appetizers, 2 main dishes, deserts and the wedding cake will do just fine.

7.Cut down the guests list: too much crowd won’t do any good but create chaos.

8.Go for seasonal flowers.

9.Look for some talented friend of your to take care of wedding music.

10.As for the wedding photography. Compare and contrast the prices and then hire one.


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