Will my idea for braided hairstyles for wedding bridesmaid work for every bridesmaid?

My sister is getting married, and since I am going to be one of the bridesmaids, I want to know some great hairstyles that would be suitable for me. My sister wants all the bridesmaids to wear similar kind of dress, and hairstyle, which would go in coordination with her attire at the wedding. Ironically, most of us to be bridesmaids have medium length hair, and therefore, everyone wants to just use some hairpins, to make an updo for the wedding. However, since my sister is going with a similar hairstyle, I was wondering whether we could rather braid our hair with a side parting, and pin it together with a lower bun. I want to know from some hair expert, whether this particular hairstyle would go well on most of the face shapes for the wedding ceremony, over off shoulder dresses! Please advice! Thanks.

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