Would a long sleeve wedding gown look appropriate on a pear shaped body to be worn at an outdoor wedding?

I have a pear shaped body and I have to choose from a variety of clothes to decide for myself. Although, I am not too heavy on the lower part of my body, but still I am quite skeptical about my figure. I am getting married soon, and since I am busy shopping for my wedding gown, I am not able to decide one for myself. The gowns are unbelievably beautiful, and the shop owners have also told me that they would alter the dress to my fitting. However, I am still a bit apprehensive, as I was wondering if I should better choose for a long sleeve wedding gown, as I have long arms, and I assume it would make me look slimmer at the bottom part of my body! Can some fashion expert please advice, if a long sleeve wedding gown is appropriate for me to wear at an outdoor wedding? Thanks.

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