How to manage my satin wedding dress at my wedding in hot and humid temperature of July?

My wedding apparently got too early, and now it would take place next week! It was supposed to be in the month of October, but since my fiancé is in army, he is required to be at his posting as early by next weekend. I am really disappointed, however, since it is part of his duty, I am readily a part of it with same excitement! Nonetheless, another thing that has made me paranoid is my satin wedding dress. Now since the wedding is going to be in this hot and humid temperature of July, I am just worried of wearing my long wedding dress! My bridesmaids have been thoughtful enough to arrange for a water bottle besides me, but I wanted to get some advice from a wedding expert whether what all should I keep in mind to have a hassle free wedding in my wedding dress! Please suggest at the earliest!

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