Mikimoto pearl jewelry to enhance your grace on the big day

The sparkling radiance of pearl has enchanted people from time immemorial. It has been offered as a gesture of love, seized in conquests and donned as a magical aphrodisiac meant for tempting desire. Pearls are one of the most sought-after gem stones in the planet. Right from the ancient Greeks to beauty personified Egyptian queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, pearls have been an embodiment of great honor and prosperity. Mikimoto pearls have even fascinated the royals. In the year 1975, British Queen Elizabeth visited the Mikimoto Island with the prince consort Phillip. She did this simply because the Mikimoto pearls had a mesmerizing effect on her. Even now Mikimoto has always been the motivating power behind contemporary and inventive pearl culturing techniques. There is an increased knowledge about the Akoya pearls and Mikimoto ornaments in the global arena.


Mikimoto Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto Kokichi, the originator of cultured pearls, was blessed with the aptitude of a scientist and the spirit of a performer. He is the mastermind behind the beginning of the pearl industry with the founding of his magnificent pearl company Mikimoto in 1893. It was his vision to beautify every female neck in the world with his exquisite pearls. Not only this, Mikimoto Kokichi has also been the originator of Mikimoto Pharmaceuticals which focuses on beauty products which possess pearl calcium. In fact Mikimoto Pearl Island is named after him. Even fifty years after his death, his name is still alive through his brand of pearls. He was accountable for modern and ground-breaking techniques in pearl culturing and augmenting the knowledge of Akoya pearls and Mikimoto ornaments in the global arena.

Inspiration and goal

In the present times, Mikimoto is the leading manufacturer of the most supreme quality cultured pearls. The name is now a perfect archetype for outstanding excellence at all points, be it supplies to skill to a dedicated customer service. Mikimotoo is renowned for selling high end pearl ornaments and mostly the famed traditional white Akoya pearls. The Mikimoto pearls replicate the soulful clarity of the ocean. The inspiration here comes from their deep knowledge and appreciation of the marine and the exploration of the oysters. So for the modern day pearl enthusiast, Mikimoto perfectly unites everlasting grace with stylish contemporary designs.

Mikimoto pearl jewelry

Mikimoto pearl jewelry comprises of the finest pearls in the world. It is characterized by exceptional features that lift it up above all other pearl jewelry. One of the numerous ways by which Mikimoto refines the skill of fine jewelry making is by monitoring the production process right from the beginning till the end. Only superb quality materials are used, like high quality diamonds, natural color stones, premium quality silk thread for pearl strands and eighteen k gold or platinum. Take for instance, the gorgeous Akoya cultured gold strand which is A1 quality and also has an 18k Mikimoto marked clasp in white gold. The white south sea cultured pearl necklace is a dream come true. It has 12.61 cts of diamonds fit in 18k white gold necklace.Mikimoto pearl jewelry can always be identified by the famed Mikimoto brand name: the silhouette of an oyster or the name “Mikimoto” imprinted on every ornament. This can be located either on the clasp, back of the earrings or the ring shank. The Mikimoto trademark is a guarantee of the best paradigm of quality and reliability.

Why would brides love it?

Mikimoto jewelry mirrors ultimate devotion, fervor and precision. It is a unique blend of ageless panache and present day sophistication. To possess such a piece gives lavish gratification. Which bride would not want that? A Mikimoto pearl ornament truly is the gift of a lifetime.Since time immemorial, pearls are believed to enrich matrimonial harmony. They are worn to get rid of the bride’s tears and guarantee a blissful marriage. In many countries in the west, putting on pearls is a family ritual. A string of pearls is handed over from one generation to another and adorned by the bride on the day of her marriage.So, take pride in your pearls and sport them on your wedding day.

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