Not Gold but 100% Nickel-Free Bridal Jewelry

pilgrim jewelry 49

If platinum, pure gold and sliver are not your choicest metals for your wedding then try something from ‘Pilgrim.’ I have chosen these pieces from it’s New Vintage Collection. Pilgrim is gaining fame rapidly in jewelry field. Their other collections are: 3D Flower, Bells And Flower, Blossom, Crazy, Fairy Wings, Floral Delicacy, Grapes, Oriental, Touch of Nature and Water Lily. The jewelry designs are so especially handmade for you that you will surely love them not only for your wedding day but for other special occasions too.

Brand’s Glimpse:

Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen established PILGRIM in 1983. They started from basement and today they are the leading brand in the world of jewelry. Along with jewelry they have launched their collections of sunglasses and watches. They spent the first year traveling around Denmark to sell jewelry purchased on travels to the East at festivals. Moreover, today you can find their network in most parts in west.

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