Personal Diamond Wedding Rings Made from Hair

Personal Diamond Wedding Rings Made from Hair

They say nothing says “I love you” more than a diamond wedding ring. But that’s not strictly true. A stunning diamond wedding ring that contains the very essence of your being is the best way to show intimacy and devotion to the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

A wedding ring made from your own hair is one of the most thoughtful and creative ways to show your love. Not only do personalized diamonds look dazzling, but they also provide you with a meaningful way of honoring past memories and celebrating all the new ones that are yet to come. These sparkling gemstones help you keep the people most important to you close at all times.

You really can grow a genuine diamond from a lock of hair. A personalized diamond made this way looks identical to a mined diamond, but it holds the unique element that makes you and your relationship so special.

How are they made?

A wedding ringPersonalized diamonds are made through a sophisticated process carried out by experts in a lab. The first creation step is to extract pure carbon from the hair. When it has been extracted, the carbon is placed inside a High-Pressure High-Temperature machine with a diamond-growing crystal. This machine imitates the conditions that cause diamonds to form underground.

Any size and color diamond can be grown, regardless of the color or amount of hair. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic white diamond or want to get more creative with a turquoise blue or deep red diamond, it’s all possible when you create a diamond from scratch using your own hair.

After the diamond has been created, it’s cut and polished according to the requirements. Again, you can choose a simple solitaire cut or get a little innovative and go with a heart-shaped diamond. The final step is to place the diamond in a beautiful ring setting for a one-of-a-kind gift that’s totally unique in all the world.

What is the difference?

There’s no visible difference between diamonds grown inside a lab and those extracted from the ground. They’re equally as strong, long-lasting, and dazzling. The only difference between the two is that diamonds mined from the ground are made with generic anonymous carbon while personalized diamonds contain your very own essence. Personalized diamonds are much more special and perfectly convey how much you love and cherish your partner.

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