Splash Some Color On Your Wedding Gown

wedding gown with ribbon 49
This year even brides can splash some color on their wedding gown. They can have some change from white. However, color cannot be very bright but you can surely shift from white to some ‘blush, champagne or light gold.’

Suzanne DeMore, owner of The French Door suggests, looking for dresses with lace and tulle as well as sashes and ribbons. ‘That’s big, big, big,’ she says. ‘It’s very fashion forward.’

White is becoming outdated for some, as they want to walk away from this mob of white. They want some color not necessarily bright colors but some color. ‘Color is really the big thing this year,’ she says.

Not only color they would like some embroidered embellishments, beads and more. Many dresses are made to match bridesmaids’ dresses.

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