Survival instincts in today’s marriage

bluesJust by going through the recent count of split in the celebrity world, don’t you think that even you need to have a reality check on your marriage?? The ever expanding ‘WHY…WHY’…can’t there be stability in one’s life??? Maybe, it’s the desperate hubby wanting a baby and the ambitious wife overloaded with her career or vice-versa. Don’t you all know about the most glamorous couple of Hollywood-Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston? Where is all that pompous dialogues of a happy life gone now??? Guess, it’s gone with the wind??

But guys buckle up. You could be the next one to go through the same phase. Save your marriage…your child’s life depends on you. Just believe in whatever your heart says. Try the simplest things, like work on your expectations; keep your own individuality alive even if both of you are sucked up in your work, do take out some time for each other; go for a romantic dinner date; and yeah, don’t you think you need to be the best of buddies?

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