Would a tea length wedding gown be suitable for a tall and slim girl?

I have a petite body frame, and I normally wear clothes that are not skin tight as they make me look even more slim! I am getting married to my boyfriend soon, and we are planning our wedding these days. My mom is helping with my wedding dress, and I was wondering if I should rather opt for tea length wedding gowns instead of long dress, as I am already tall, and I don’t intend to look like really slim in my wedding gown. Nonetheless, my aunt has advised to buy a long dress, and get it altered in such a manner that it is short on front side and long on back! I didn’t quite like the idea as I am in no disposition to experiment with my wedding dress! Therefore, I would really like to get some expert’s advice whether you would recommend a tea length wedding gown to me, or not! Please advice!

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